1. LordKrafty

    Spoke at entreprenuership event while traveling to Vietnam :D

    Hi have a happy day :) I'm from the US & spoke at a event on strategy & ppc marketing while traveling in Vietnam for 45 days. :) Enjoy & happy to help. :)
  2. KJREDDY247@

    Best Wordpress Theme for a Conference?

    Can you guys suggest me some best themes for conferences. I can see a lot of themes listed but just confused and looking for experiences if anyone already used some of those those related themes?
  3. L

    Personal Assistant From South Africa

    I need a religious person who is comfortable in participating weekly in a specific church program (The name of the church will be specified to the right candidate) in South Africa. As my personal assistant you duty include's; - Presentation on this church auditorium during weekly and...
  4. CalumAnderson

    Can I RIP Event Attendee's Email?

    Hi! So I know using tools like 'fbcandy' you can rip the emails and data of people in groups. Has anyone been able to find a tool to rip emails from events? For example I would want to rip all the public emails from people who have clicked 'attending' to a certain event.
  5. tommyboy34

    Event Tickets Listed On Google Local

    How are website owners able to have their event tickets show up on Google local? I attached a screen shot. Is this done with a Schema markup? Will event tickets show up on Google local with just the Schema markup, or is there another aspect of the local Google listing?
  6. seodestruction


    Hello all from BLACKHAT WORLD<3 I gotta say this site has changed my life and I thank all of you for being such hungry and motivated people truly it means a lot. I have a niche atm where I am building/built a website for daily events exclusive events and also free very public events I have been...
  7. UnGagged.com

    What do I get out of attending UnGagged?

    If you want to make money while saving money, then UnGagged is the event for you! Instead of learning from speakers who claim to be the be-all and end-all of the industry - you can learn and network with real experts who have had real experience in the SEO/Digital Marketing field, offering you...
  8. UnGagged.com

    What conferences do you attend?

    We know there are other digital marketing & SEO events out there, like PubCon, Search Marketing Expo, etc. What conferences do you like to attend or are interested in attending in the future?
  9. UnGagged.com

    Can't believe it's been over a week since Las Vegas!

    Has everyone recovered from their hangovers now? What were some highlights for you? Some of ours include; Learning how to be an SEO Bad Ass with Jerry West Jacob Hagberg's Real World SEO examples that we can actually learn from The UnGagged After Party hosted by @InternetVikings! If you're...
  10. UnGagged.com

    If you've already arrived in Vegas

    Make sure you come down tomorrow from 2pm for early registration. It just means you won't have to wait as long to get your badge, etc. on Monday morning. Plus afterwards, we'll probably head down to Nine Fine Irishmen to do some "networking" but this is to be confirmed.
  11. M

    Facebook event attendees + interested

    I'm looking for someone or a panel that can provide me with both Facebook event attendees & interested. I find a lot of panels just doing attendees but I really need to have both to make it look legit. Please let me know if you could provide this ;)
  12. UnGagged.com

    UnGagged Las Vegas 2016 Tickets

    UnGagged is unconventional, unexpected, uncensored and being unleashed in Las Vegas for the third time this November (14-16). Early bird tickets are on sale now: Early Bird (inc. Accommodation) - $995 (until September 12) Early Bird (excl. Accommodation) - $795 (until October 17) PLUS - as a...
  13. Joozed

    Leverage Trending Events To Gain Quality Backlinks & Increase Traffic - by Invalley

    Refund policy: No refunds after order has been placed.
  14. F

    Facebook limits event invites to 50. How to bypass?

    Facebook is starting to limit event invites to only 50 invites per event. Does anyone know how to bypass this limit? I have a lot of profiles which I use for event promotion and inviting people to events. 50 is really too low to do anything. Can anyone help?
  15. Gioware

    Is it possible to advertise to certain event members?

    Hello, Is there a way to advertise to people to selected "going" or "went" (for already passed events) on the facebook via ads (no spamming)? I remember there was some tool that could scrape and then you could make custom audience, is it possible for event? Thanks
  16. T

    Geo- and Age targeted Event Invitations

    Hello, I need Geo- and Age targeted Invitations for an Facebook Event. Any ideas who sells such a service?
  17. Jobsout

    Super Excited for Ungagged 2015

    I earned some $ and working hard to earn more $$ and will collect all and will attend the UnGagged 2015. :) Super existed to see Mr.Apricot,Bigbuddy and so many fame of BHW there. I have to start my digital marketing business in next year so want to learn so many things there. Will spend all my...
  18. V

    it seems you sent invitations to people who are not interested in your event

    I try to invite my friends for an event but facebook gives me the message, it seems you sent invitations to people who are not interested in your event, bla bla, you can't send invitations until bla bla. Does somebody know how facebook determines this? And is there something i can do to prevent...
  19. K

    Anyway to scrape people from a fanpage and invite them to an event?

    I am looking to target niche specific fan pages, and be able to invite all of the fans of that page to an event and/or fan page. Is this possible? Willing to fund creation of a program.
  20. ollie9009

    Remove not attending from facebook events

    Is there a new iMacro that works in removing the "not attending" from the new style facebook events? This is the one I used to use: WAIT SECONDS=2 TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:SUBMIT FORM=ACTION:/ajax/plans/profilebrowser/remove.php ATTR=ID:* WAIT SECONDS=2 TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:BUTTON...
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