1. nabillolz

    How Can i Move to Europe ?

    Hey guys, I live in a Third World country where it's illegal to make money online. I want to move to EU (France,Belgium,Switzerland,Norway) or any other tier-1 EU country i can't apply for Visa no degree no real bank account etc.. I make around 20-30K a month. What are my Options ? any GLITCHs ...
  2. K

    EU company formation

    Dear members, Could somebody please suggest resonable company formation agents in Belgium and Italy. I would be glad to access real local advisors, not the 3rd or 4th resellers with no real understanding in local tax and legal details.
  3. razharov

    One of the funniest scam in Europe

    What trash like real dog trash companies in EU, (especially in Eastern Europe) do is create a business in the area listing site, that has all the business in a town. They copy paste all information from google my business and paste it to their websites on a separate page which has the name of...
  4. ProfessorBlackbeard

    How to raise your daily budget - Google Ads

    What is the best strategy to raise your budget nowdays? I'm going for a budget of around €1000, before I've been able to do it over a period of 2 weeks, starting at around €10-€20 and raise it by around 20-30% each day. That doens't work anymore. I know I can do it over a looong period of...
  5. ginoootje

    Dropship suppliers (EUROPE EDITION)

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for in-house product suppliers in Europe. Things like electric blankets and electric heaters are what I'm specifically looking for. I have looked at options like BigBuy but they had bad reviews on this forum. I would love to hear it if someone here does use BigBuy...
  6. pratiocibalkan035

    smm panel

    please recommend me cheap and fast smm panel with quality followers non drop. thank you.
  7. P

    Virtual credit cards in Europe

    Does anyone know of banks where you can create a lot of virtual credit cards (20+)? Must be usable in Europe and non-prepaid (so I load money on the bank account or connect my existing account to the cards). Just talked to someone who said there is a non-business bank where you can create...
  8. kimsin

    Looking for a multi currency bank account provider like TransferWise, but with each currency having it's own country specific digits.

    I'm looking for a TransferWise alternative or a better version of. TransferWise is great in terms of it's multi currency and the physical card they provide, but all transactions count as International. I would like an alternative where when I select a currency, it gives me "local" card digits...
  9. D

    Here to develop my knowledge and meet new people

    In my mid 20s from Europe. After university travelled around the world for a couple of years in aviation corporate job. Some time ago, luckily decided to quit it and fully focus on e-commerce. Around half a year of complete failures, but then sudden success for multiple e-commerce stores...
  10. sohom

    Free VPN for Lifetime | Windows,Linux,Mac,iOS,Android | Location: USA,Netherland,Japan | Secured- No Logs | No Speed Limit | (No Credit Card required)

    [] Free VPN for Lifetime | Windows,Linux,Mac,iOS,Android | Location: USA, Netherland, Japan | Secured - No Logs | No Speed Limit | (No Credit Card required) Hello all Most probably you know about ProtonMail. ProtonVpn is a part of it. I found this free VPN: ProtonVpn very useful...
  11. blue_knight

    Germany had become the first country in Europe to give Bitcoin legal status

    The full article is here Unfortunately it is written in German, maybe our friend from Germany can tell us more. From what I understood, it is the first country in Europe to give Bitcoin legal status and acknowledge it as ‘private money’ and a financial tool.
  12. A

    Looking for EU Verified Reviews

    Looking for 30-40 total EU verified Reviews. - Need 10 in UK / DE / FR each - If also available some more in Italy and Spain - Need reviewer to write review itself in local language of course, no need to be long or special just 2-3 lines is fine - Want lasting verified reviews - Want 30-40 in...
  13. MatyasKorcak

    I am looking for a European distributor for luxury iPhone cases

    Hello guys, for our brand we are looking for a European distributor of luxury iPhone cases that are designed exclusively for iPhones. We are proud owner of Swarovski certification and of course it shows up on the resulting price, which ranges from 140 USD to 230 USD per case. In America, a...
  14. michel hocks

    Want to buy Europe Location cheap Windows VPS

    Hello I want to buy Europe location cheap VPS or virtual PC any recommendation?
  15. R

    I am looking for people to help my business (European, US needed)

    Looking for anyone in Europe or US. I am starting business and have many works to do. I am looking for freelancers, developers and people to work with. This is long term partnership and well paid position. I only need European or US people. Will start asap. Thanks.
  16. P

    Affiliate business without collecting DATA

    Hello and thank you for your help! I want to start an affiliate business in my country(Europe). But here we have some problems with GDPR(data protection). Everything is unclear! We have also GDPR consultants that were fined(large sum...). How can we make an Affiliate business without collecting...
  17. bill90

    Dropshipping in EU

    Hey guys. I want to know the rules for EU when someone use shopify to dropship products in EU. Does the store should be compliant to DSGVO or is it OK? Are there any points that one need to consider or take care of when dropshipping in EU.? Will be great full if someone throws light on this...
  18. Complex Pirate

    Need someone to provide Social media followers

    I'm looking for someone to provide the following: Instagram: South African* Followers (Very important) Soundcloud: USA/Europe Followers (Can be mixed but HQ too) Facebook: South African* Page Likes/Followers (Very Important) These can be in mixed range but they have to consist of what has been...
  19. mastertanvir

    Easy country to migrate in Europe as an Internet Marketer

    I am a web developer as well as an internet marketer. I am from a third world country where living is not so convenient. I plan to migrate to a country in Europe for much facilities. There are also some problems to get visas for our country. Easy way is getting temporary student visa by...
  20. M

    Anybody had some experience with CamsPower ? and is it legal in Germany ?

    Hello, I found the CamsPower Whitelabel Program in the Internet, and I want to ask if anybody allready made some experience with this Partner ? is he legit ?. It is a Whitelabel Sex Cam Programm. The other Questions I have is, could I become Problems with the german law if I offer such a...
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