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  1. The Etsy Consultant

    World's Number 1 Etsy Consultant - Ask Me Anything!

    Hi everyone, it seems I have to choose my words very carefully to get this AMA to actually post. I have tried to post my AMA with more information about my credentials and wins related to the post title but BHW won't have it. So, I will keep it brief: ask me anything you like about Etsy, and I...
  2. D

    Is anyone using ETSY GEEKS for ranking on Etsy?

    Hello bros of BHW, I know ERANK and probably all of the users who sell on Etsy know it, but recently searching online to boost SEO Etsy rankings, I saw a platform from some guys who struggled to make sales on Etsy and now are called ETSY GEEKS. They claim to rank your listing on 1 page for 14...
  3. addictedtolearning

    Optimizing Etsy Keywords and Tags

    So, I wasn't exactly sure where to post this. It isn't social media. There isn't a subforum for it, etc. Perhaps it should be in making money? If so, please move! I was just wondering how to go about optimizing my Etsy listings. I'm getting almost no daily traffic and I've put up 104...
  4. K

    Why is Etsy always on first page on Google?

    Hey guys, so while I was researching some keywords for my own jewelry shop I came across a this incredible SEO that Etsy is doing on Google. I am not talking about the SEO on their site. For instance when you type in sweet jewelry, retro jewelry, and so on in Google, Etsy is always on the top...
  5. Danny Crypto

    Etsy Help - I think I might require to re-write titles and tags again.

    Hey, Do anyone of you know the best way to rewrite the titles and tags for an etsy listing? Because currently I'm not getting that much traffic on my store organically and I think I can do a lot better from the current scenario if I'll get this topping on my pepporoni pizza. { topping - best...
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