1. Fiducia

    How to get an Estonian Bank account as non-resident?

    My company is registered in Estonia, I am a so called "e-resident" not living in Estonia. The business bank account is with Wise but not accepted by Google Adsense as not in Estonia. Any suggestions on how to get a "EExxx"-IBAN? Could be a business or a private account.
  2. kindablack

    Anyone have experience with the e-Residency offered by Estonia?

    Hey, I wonder if there is someone who has experience with the e-Residency offered by Estonia? Looks promising, however, it's too good to be true. Let's talk with a real e-Resident instead of lots of junk hypes, sales pages or sales representatives. Hands up!
  3. ss_social

    E-Residency and Incorporation in Estonia

    Hi, everyone, the topic is fairly straight forward (see title). I have recently discovered that you can get e-residency and create a company in Estonia, and I can get access to a lot of EU related benefits that is not available in my home country (where I actually work and reside). Does anyone...
  4. KHR

    Setup Business in Estonia using e-Residency.?

    Hello, Anyone here setup his business in Estonia using e-Residency.? Whet about your experience.? What are the benefits you think.? I am planning to Setup Business there and get Payment Gateway but mostly I will sell products in USA. What is your advance for me.? Thanks
  5. HowToBeHappy

    Could e-citizenship take away some of the burden of mass migration?

    As a freelancer and digital nomad, I am constantly battling with residence, Payoneer restrictions ( now even more difficult), PayPal fees and banking. It is a bloody nightmare. Then I saw this ... Estonian e-residency. In theory, You can open a...
  6. asmss

    Thanks for having me.

    Please allow me to introduce myself: I’m a freelancer with internet marketing background for the rather unusual jobs that require out of the box thinking, cutting corners, misusing systems, etc. — you may name your problem, I’ll find a working solution. Currently based in Estonia, one of the...