Could e-citizenship take away some of the burden of mass migration?


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Aug 9, 2013
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As a freelancer and digital nomad, I am constantly battling with residence, Payoneer restrictions ( now even more difficult), PayPal fees and banking.

It is a bloody nightmare. Then I saw this ... Estonian e-residency.

In theory, You can open a bank account in Euros and link everything to your Payoneer account. Or you can open a bank account in Estonia once you open a legit business.

How exactly, I have no idea, but just start sifting through forums and some are very happy with this service. I will apply soon, so I will update.

I then went on to wonder ... Could this help to ease mass migration from Africa to Europe?

I get many places on the web and have read so many forums from freelancers in Asia and Africa that have the same nightmare as me, though mine is chosen, theirs is through birth.

I have also talked to many Africans who made the death defying journey across the Sahara and the Sea and they are on the whole, educated, entrepreneurial minded young guys. They just want access to European and US business.

The EU has recently started talking up a Martial plan for Africa. A non imperial version, to help Africa stand in its own two feet. But as we all know the banking , Payoneer and PayPal .... Blah blah etc.

Basically investing in businesses and entrepreneurs to help stop the need to leave.

Estomian e-citizenship could be the answer for some of these guys. Being able to open a EU bank account and have an ATM card is a huge problem fixed.

Now they can work on Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork etc and get paid in Euros.

You might say, that Payoneer can already be linked to these sites, but now the rules have changed and you can no longer request fees from a client directly for freelance work, unless you have earned $5000. You can no longer accept fees from businesses unless they are from the US. You are stuck with high commission and small income. You cannot go 'off site' to boost you meagre Fiverr earnings.

OK, e citizenship may be a small dent in the figures, but anything that helps right now is surely worth a try.
Good method. I'll take a look over the processes. Thank you
hmmm thanks for the share, I guess it could get complicated a bit
I read in an online business formation service (referred by that one needs 2500 EURO as minimum share/capital to incorporate a company in Estonia.
Is that true?
As a freelancer and digital nomad, I am constantly battling with residence, Payoneer restrictions ( now even more difficult), PayPal fees and banking.

There is no such thing as e-residence. It's something made up by the Estonian Government to draw business into Estonia, but it has no legal recognition.
Estonia is really trying to get some business into their country, e-residence is a complete BS to do this. The only other way you can become a citizen in another country without living in it for X amount of years is to invest in a X project in the country (usually upwards of millions), I cant remember the word for it but you can use google.
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