1. P

    Arbitrage with GDN/RSoc - Let's talk about it!

    Hello folks! I know that no one wants to talk about arbitrage, not seriously at least. We want to keep our strategies secret. But i'm here to find people who wants to share. People who wants to talk about: - keyword research - trends - kpi's - bidding strategies - campaing structure - feeds...
  2. A

    Traffic Arbitrage GSC / Adsense Search - SAME EPC ...

    Hello everyone, this message is for experts. I have an Adsense account with the Search option (Google Search Console) :smirk: I start to send traffic on it to use the same strategy as the parked domains, but with a total control on the ads displayed, because I choose the query and the design...
  3. U

    Sweepstakes Offers

    I am running a sweepstakes offer, a good amount of conversions are coming in, but the advertiser is repeatedly turning down that offer, he may not like my traffic, I am getting 10 conversions in 60-70 clicks. I am using banner ads through my website. Please suggest me wht should i do?
  4. Focused99

    What's a Good EPC For Cold Traffic? (Dating & Fitness Niches)

    Just wondering what a good EPC would be for dating and fitness cold traffic. My current dating product is averaging about $0.50 EPC. My current fitness product is averaging about $0.53 EPC. Are these decent? What has your guys experience been? Thanks.
  5. jeffro89

    Crack Revenue - Where is the EPC FAM?

    Just logged into my crackrev account seeking out new offers to test. Found a few, but i don't see no EPC, the fuck am i mena know it's converting? Am i being dumb guys or do they just not display EPC. Im sure i could see EPC on offers last time i used them. @CrakRevenue - EH?
  6. phantasma

    whats a good epc for maxbounty offers?

    i was wondering whats a good epc when choosing products on maxbounty for newbies
  7. VolcanoMan

    Super low conversion rate.

    I have very low conversion rates running diet ads on FB. I use the best lander that i know everyone uses and ive tested every age/demo. Ive ran 3000 index clicks all from facebook newsfeed and reved like 4k in the past month or 2, its a total joke. $1.30 EPCs :( Maybe my hosting is bricking...
  8. mirrorer

    Tired of Your CPA Network’s Low-Converting Offers? You need to read this.

  9. P

    Easiest pay for free sign up network to join

    Hello I am looking for free sign up offers to promote.
  10. R

    What is your EPC?

    I am trying to decide whether to go for blackhat or whitehat niche so please share your epc (earning per click) and whether you are using black or white hat. Thanks in advance
  11. R

    How to get more people to complete a survey

    I got into CPA business and epc is not good. Share please some of your tricks and strategies to make more people complete surveys. Thanks in advance
  12. T

    Want to buy junk traffic

    Hey everyone, The CPA offers which i am running with my affiliate network are giving me very high EPCs. In-order to bring the click to conversion ratio down, I need junk but real human clicks on the links to balance. As you must have guessed by now; I am not looking to convert these visits as my...
  13. W

    cpa/epc help!!

    Anyone willing to make me their affiliate in any cpa/epc network? (Work under you, I make money you make money) I am very determine, just lack the knowledge. Please at-least have income coming in from your method. ( two dummies can't succeed! its a fact!) Any help is appreciated. (Being broke...
  14. E

    OMG adscendmedia is shaving like hell!!!

    I am using the same offers from different networks and started split testing to see if it would make any difference in each network. And guess what I am getting a 0.06 epc with adscendmedia and 0.20 - 0.50 with other networks. I am using same offers, same lockers, same content. This clearly...
  15. Pakistani

    i want to Decrease my Epc

    Hello friends. I have a Movie / tvshows Site which is getting daily much USA traffic. I am earning good amount of $$ daily in that sites. My problem is i have a high epc which is not good due to non incentive offers. My admin asked me to increase the amount of clicks. Currently i used to get...
  16. ibmethatswhoib

    What's Better? Email Submit Less Pay or Adress Submit More Pay?

    I have two offers, one that just asks for an email submit and the other asks for an address. The address one pays 2x more and also has a higher epc. But the lower paying one is easier and only needs an email. So what do you think is better to use?
  17. U

    MaxBounty Noob Question

    I have been with them like 4 days, on a few campaigns where the epc is over .30 I have 88 clicks and 0.00 money made... What gives? or should I say... Is this normal? I was kinda expecting .30 or whatever cents per click.
  18. q3ick

    Learn how to Lower your EPC ratio! - Increase Your CLICKS!

    Learn how to Lower your EPC ratio! Okay so I am a little bored and decided to write this short guide. I will show you how to decrease your EPC ratio, if you dont know what EPC is then you dont need this guide. What is it good for? Getting PAID. Often times as a CPA marketer you find...
  19. J

    Daily Traffic source to lower EPC ?

    Hi, I am currently using TrafficHolder to lower my EPC on my CPA Offers (With Cparedirector as well). It works well as it allows traffic to come in throughout the day to avoid big spikes. You can set the hourly traffic which is delivered throughout the day until your credit is finished...
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