1. IamNRE

    Where my Latvians at?

    20 - 0.... yikes. https://c.tenor.com/jvoRNi9zOWQAAAAC/marge-simpson-the-simpsons.gif
  2. UpwardDescent

    Italy - England | Who will win?

    Thinking about putting down a larger bet on one of the teams, but I'm uncertain as they've both played as "good". Who do you think will win the cup? PS Wasn't able to find a thread with a poll so hopefully this isn't the 100th thread on this that I'm now opening.
  3. UnusualSubstance

    England wins 4-0 against Ukraine.

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51198691 Good game!!
  4. kimsin

    Looking for a multi currency bank account provider like TransferWise, but with each currency having it's own country specific digits.

    I'm looking for a TransferWise alternative or a better version of. TransferWise is great in terms of it's multi currency and the physical card they provide, but all transactions count as International. I would like an alternative where when I select a currency, it gives me "local" card digits...
  5. gh0stxvx

    From the News: Consett 'became porn and dating payment hub'

    Hundreds of people in a former steel-making town became directors of companies involved in pornography, dating, diets and travel. Thought you guys might enjoy this bit of IM news from England this week. A guy set up 1200 shell companies and was getting paid £2,500 and £3,000 per company to do...
  6. B

    ***Youtube - Football Videos***

    Hey, I saw a lot of videos of football videos, especially Premiere League videos. And i was wondering how to they don't get copyright strike on non of these videos. Everytime i tried i upload some Premiere League video, i manage to avoid Content ID, but just several minutes later i get Manual...
  7. S

    Urgently Required UK`s Jobseekers Database

    Hi, Im looking to buy Jobseekers Database of UK with following details Name, Email, Phone, Qualification, Experience, DOB, Location, Gender etc Thanks
  8. B

    Hello all. Greetings from the UK

    Hi there, I have been registered on the forum for a little while but had some unfortunate luck in my life, motorbike accident, (not going to bore you with my sob story, I'm sure you guys are sick of that, If anyone wants to know about it you can ask me on this thread and I'll happily share) and...
  9. G

    USA , UK, Australai , Canada base Yahoo / Google Group List

    Can any one share USA , UK, Australia, Canada base Yahoo / Google Groups List. thank you
  10. K

    Need a Gumtree Ad poster

  11. M

    Uk affialtes car insurance, health etc

  12. E

    Any good UK CPA companies?

    Hi there guys. Im from the UK and would like to know if there are any good cpa companies that offer uk postcode submits for companies like supermarkets and uk stores, because all I can find is usa offers. If anyone could help me out on this that would be great.
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