1. matikman

    engagement group or pods on instagram

    I am looking for the best site to find engagement groups (pods) on instagram... any suggestions ? That would be awesome to find a pods with geolocation, does it exist ? thanks
  2. P

    Engagement drop solution or fix

    Hello. Before starting let me tell you the most common explanation of drop of engagement is shadow ban which i think you all are already familiar with. but the problem is even after i stop using hastags my shadow banned was not lifted my engagement is still not recovered to normal. Before my...
  3. GrubbyHat

    Engagment groups on instagram

    Just getting new to starting up am account on insta and wanted to know a few things: 1: I think i know what they are nut just to double check theyre a group that like each others posts and try to get into trending 2: How many followers would someone need to join one 3: Anyone know of any that...
  4. Weblycos

    Attention to all engagement group

    Hi, I can see you guys are staying together all for better engagement and results. I want to know some results from you . I believe this will actually help everyone including you too. So let me ask 1) Do you only do engagement or botting as well? 2) does engagment lead account banning ? Yet...
  5. S


    Hey Guys im starting a new instagram engagement group 1.Whats a Engagement Group? Its a Group where whenever you post a ♥ (heart) into the group everyone in the group goes and likes youre picture and comments it. 1.1 Why? Because mainly big accounts will be in the group your post now has a...
  6. Yusoserious

    Instagram likes down

    First post here, Has anyone else noticed any changes with the number of likes? Exactly 7 days ago I noticed a big change on my account, I get about half the amount of likes I used to get.