Engagement drop solution or fix

Dec 27, 2017
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Hello. Before starting let me tell you the most common explanation of drop of engagement is shadow ban which i think you all are already familiar with. but the problem is even after i stop using hastags my shadow banned was not lifted my engagement is still not recovered to normal.

Before my engagement drop i was getting average 450 like and 25 comments and now i barely get 100 like and 3-4 comments. I have 6k followers.

This post is about decoding the instagram engagement sharp drop. And for this i need your help so that i can help you. Let start.

See we must be doing something wrong and because of that instagram algorithm limit our engagements. So the first thing we should do is we will post about the activities which we usually do on any normal day on instagram. But why do we post them? So that we can find the mutual one or two mistake we all are doing which limit our engagement and frustrating us and then we can stop doing them. So i begin by providing mine activities of any normal day.

1. My account is about beautiful boys and girl of my country. My instagram photo is not mine i took them from other's accounts. I download photos from andriod application and didn't take screen shot.

2. I don't use bot or automation software. But i used iconsquare for analysis and follower assistance for unfollowing. But now i stop using them and revoke the permission from settings.

3. My account profile is bussiness profile. It is 2 month old account.

3. I follow manually around 420 account daily. And in 1 hour i follow total 100 account.

4. I dont comments and like on photos of other's accounts.

5. Before my engagement drop i was using 30 hastags and i copy and paste them on my every post. But i stop doing that now to see any changes on my engagement.

Now please all of you provide your daily instagram activity so we can see what mutual or common mistake we all are making which had decreased our engagement. Please provide these five details comprehensively so we can notice even the small common mistakes.

See i had already searched about this thing on Internet and analysed many account which are suffering from low engagement so i think i know the reason and also i can help to fix this problem. But i need your daily activity data to confirm my theory. I am working on my account and i will get my results by 3rd January 2018.

The reason i posting this because i saw many hard worked account facing this problem.