email tools

  1. W

    What can I do when using Amazon SES or Azure SMTP for email sending to ensure not to be in spam dir

    Hello everyone, I'm interested in building my own email marketing app for personal use. However, I'm aware that if I use Amazon SES or Azure SMTP, there may be issues, and many emails could end up in the spam folder. My question is, what can I do to ensure that my emails are well-verified and...
  2. knn125

    Custom domain or email tools's subdomain?

    When you create landing page in any email tool like getresponse, etc, you get default url for that landing page i.e. subdomain of that email tool. Do i need to change that URL and assign any custom domain? Or keep default subdomain URL? Which method is effective and preferable?
  3. worldytraveler4

    Mass e-Mail Tools

    Hello, I'm building a list of emails and mobile numbers. I think I've got what I need to send the SMS messages in bulk - I'm wondering if anyone has a system down pat for sending mass emails. Basically I want to hit the inbox. I will be marketing anything like auto loans personal loans diet...
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