email submits

  1. A

    Looking Traffic First Page Email Submit US $2

    Hey , I'm looking Quality traffic and volumes on our sweepstakes offer in US , which support Web/Mobile ! we have more than 150 campaigns with HIGH CONVERTING .. Reach me via skype- aman.gupta764
  2. Y

    Adwrokmedia Email Submits - How To Set Up

    Hey everybody, I am a member of adworkmedia, I use their content locker and i like it a lot. I been reading a lot about email submits and I am wanting to give it a try, Where do i go to set up such thing, I don't see anything on Adworkmedia about email submits. Anybody else a member that can...
  3. E

    Offer Wall for CPA Offers - Does It Still Work in 2013?

    Hi Guys, I came across a website the other day - it was a simple website plastered only with freebies and trial offers, stuff like that. I am wondering if it will work if I were to create a similar site like that just for simple email submit offers. Probably I may have to categorize it by...
  4. funkymozi

    Email submit only offers for Mexico

    Hey, just ike the thread says, I'm looking for a network that offers email submit only offers for Mexico, I've only found pin submits and those dont covert at all. Also, any Mexican IM's here?
  5. poorboi

    I have the data. Can you monetize?

    Well, I have 20K+ US emails in the format : Name:Address:ZIP: DOB:Email The average age is between 40-70 years and around 60% are Females. Tell me if you have any ideas to monetize this or I shall have to sell it somewhere. List is fresh not spammed or anything.
  6. S

    Could X2 or X3 email submits!

    I'm a newb at CPA but I just had a good idea and thought I'd check if it's already out there first. What I want to do is have a content locker popup on my landing page and ask for an email submit for access. Once the offer is submitted, there should be a pinwheel or hourglass type icon in the...
  7. husypunter

    Cpa email submit

    Here's a CPA related question. I have a blog that I want to content lock. What I DON'T want to do is simply block the user by showing them an image or a link that they have to first click on to be taken to the offer and then fill it out to unlock it. What I DO want to have happen is to...
  8. S

    My CPA Method! [AUTORUN] Set and forget $$$ viral

    Ok guys i'm about to share my own CPA method that i use every day! 1. Find a new game such as MW3, or the new battlefield.. Anything that is new and coming out.. Look on i*g*n! 2. Make a w*e*e*b*l*y account and make a website regarding this niche and say that you are giving the beta version...
  9. BigMACK

    [QUESTION] Email submits and Torrents?

    I am getting fairly popular in the torrent world and am working on monetizing the traffic. Right now I am getting 500 - 1000 downloads per day and it's climbing very quickly. I would like to monetize by using an email submit of some kind, but I am unsure where to find a CPA that allows torrent...
  10. J

    Email Submit Campaigns

    Was up guys. I'm looking for a solid method for email submits. I have a paid traffic campaigns going and I would like to work on some email submit methods to expand my advertising budget. I'm not looking for a hand out here because I know how to work hard on the whitehat side of things...
  11. R

    Zip Submit / Email Submit Incent Scripts?

    Halp! Looking for an easy zip / email submit script to create my own offers. Here's the leadflow: LP / Page 1: User submits zip or submit for free jar of hair mayonaise Page 2: User submits personal info (for where to ship jar of hair mayo! ;) ) Page 3: User is presented 3 incent...
  12. I

    Email / zip submit networks?

    Everyone list the BEST networks for Email /ZIP submit offers. With the LEAST scrubbing Maxbounty is the only network I have that has more than like 2 one field offers, and most of those say liek 5 cents EPC, which is garbage. THANKS :)
  13. kharm

    Working on CPA email submits -- need your input

    I've had a little success with CPA by paying people a very low price to enter in emails that I provide for them. Now I want to scale this into a measurable and reliable system.. like low-scale for now at $20 per day per network. Any ideas where I can find people readily willing to do this kind...
  14. mystery

    I'm Sickin' Tired of This!!!

    This is the most thing that drives me nuts with CPA networks! It might sound like a small issue to the most of you, but I'm telling you, it started to really get on my nerves... It is the fact that each offer remains for only a few days before it is drops or shifts to another network...
  15. P Email Submit Network

    First off, is not just an email submit network. Currently, there are some good legal offers and some work at home offers that are up. But, what we specialize in the most is email submits. So, if you are looking for tons of email submits all in one place, check out We have...
  16. mystery

    Email Submits Pandemonium

    ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------ Ok, quick question: For those of you who are using blackhat with email submit offers...
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