email parsing

  1. D

    We need to collect data from competitors' subscribers on Instagram

    Hello, we want to collect contact information from subscribers of our competitors in instagram. Data to collect phone and email The volume of the database that we want to get at the output is 1,000,000 Competitor profiles - we will give Please contact us by email: [email protected]
  2. KLKE

    Xpandmail free email parsing api

    Hi mates, I wanted to share the 100% free tool that i created and allow you to create infinite mailboxes from their API. Just with one GET call you get the content of the mailbox and you can parse any link. For example is helpful to register in many sites to scrap the content automatically...
  3. soberealtor

    Piping email to a program help needed: cant find the fields i need consistently

    hi, so i have a ton of incoming leads that are coming in via email. i had an admin to input manually into a form and submit to create a user profile but she was overwhelmed by all the leads and quit on me. so now my inbox is flooded and backed up with all these leads and looking to automate...
  4. Inforequeter3

    EMail Extracting, Email Parsing, Email Harvesting

    Could anyone tell me how some of the email harvesters out there are able to parse multiple web pages a one time and extract thousands of emails within a matter of a few mins. Are they using web browser control or is there another method cause I have tried extracting links and text in Visual...
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