Piping email to a program help needed: cant find the fields i need consistently

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    so i have a ton of incoming leads that are coming in via email. i had an admin to input manually into a form and submit to create a user profile but she was overwhelmed by all the leads and quit on me.

    so now my inbox is flooded and backed up with all these leads and looking to automate the process by parsing the certain fields needed to create the user profile on my website.

    We are currently piping to a program with the cpanel but it is one crazy long string and it is difficult to consistently identify the fields needed to be extracted and placed in the database to create the user profile that creates a lead in my system.

    is there a script floating around that can clear all the crap that i do not want and more easily identify the "to" from" "subject" and "body" of the email to get the data i need?

    thanks and + rep given