email marketing software

  1. Nana Dada

    Got some email lists. How to setup email marketing campaigns?

    I got several laser-targeted email lists in various niches and planning to launch some email campaigns to test them out. However, I cannot figure out what software to use and how to configure my campaigns technically. I previously used Mailtrain and Mailgun, but they are domain-specific. This...
  2. DDuce

    A Search Engine for Business - 30.000.000 Companies - Fuel Your Sales and Email Marketing Campaigns

    We wouldn't dare offer something on BHW without some kind of discount and/or bonus to give back to the community! :D If you have any feedback, questions - whatever, just ask. I’ll update this thread with a FAQ later and you can always reach us through the live-chat on our website. We have more...
  3. moneyguru2013

    Which SMPT Server is the Cheapest?

    Hello i am trying to establish myself more with Email Marketing but i want to avoid the expensive cost with those like sendgrid, mandrill etc. I have plugins like Mailit, mailster and Mailwhizz etc that i have on my wordpress blog. What are the cheapest and best SMPT server out there that i can...
  4. A

    [FREE TRIAL]Email Marketing Software – Auto Scan Email – Email Extractor Software

    Asia Email Marketing is one of the few best email marketing software to accomplish today help you send bulk email marketing aims to quickly reach customers or marketing products on the market. Asia?s email software to send mail via cloud computing technologies by service providers leading...
  5. V

    Want to Disabled some field in Intespire email marketer

    Dear Experts, I am Really new to this, and don't know anything of PHP and Intespire email marketer.. I have Intespire email marketer installed where i created some users, after providing user login id and password to my Staff they put any from email id and send emails, which gmail and other...
  6. T

    powermta expert , email marketing expert needed

    Project Description: Email Marketing Expert Configure Interspire and Power MTA All right gentlemen, I have a dedicated server and want to use it for email marketing. It has 4G memory, 30 IPS and the system currently Interspire. I need the following settings: - The server will send at least...
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