email mailing marketing

  1. Ammar777

    Can I make 1 million $ in 2024 if I start now ?

    Hello guys, I am new with you and I am here to learn from you the techniques and methods of making money I own a computer and the Internet, and I do not have money. I want to master the field of cpa and email marketing. I started my career. What do you think of this? Please, whoever has a...
  2. B

    I need emails GMX.FR (frensh)

    hello, I need you to help me find Database , if anyone knows where I can buy it or where I can find it please tell me Thank you
  3. A

    Need someone for bulk email delivery

    Hello everyone, I need someone for bulk email delivery (200K). I provide email addresses.
  4. A

    Email marketer needed for big money

    I need someone who can send spam messages in bulk with my link to a large number of emails (50,000+) and hit the inbox with no problem. I have a good way we can make money if you can do this and we will split the profits. Otherwise you can teach me to send emails and I will pay you, but not...
  5. Great ruler

    Any email marketing guide here

    How to send bulk emails to land in inbox using Gmail and yahoo accounts
  6. uxdrug

    Email Marketing as a new category

    Hey Patrons, I feel adding a new category for Email Marketing will be a benefit. Why Everyone uses for Affiliate Marketing, selling products, getting traffic & sales automation. I've my own tons of knowledge I can share to get more sales. It's one of the most profitable channels. This...
  7. D

    Main domain and cold email domain under the same Google Admin/Workspace

    I am reaching out to old leads from my marketing teams past marketing efforts. This lead gen was pre pandemic and under a different name to my company. We have been calling them up to get them to optin (only 3% say no, moved on bla bla) but it’s too time consuming and expensive. I am going...
  8. TheNextItGirl

    Spam/ Email Marketing

    Sharing something that I plan on doing very soon. Would love to hear opinions and suggestions. Be as critical as necessary. Done a crap ton of research and I see a lot of people still sending bulk cold emails with affiliate links and making so much money. So I'm testing it for myself. I bought a...
  9. flashsites

    SPAM - Email Mass Sending Dos and Dont's

    Hello. Im going to start pushing 20k emails a day to scraped emails sending them to a landing page. I think I should use a URL redirect as the landing page is connected to my mother site. But is there anything else I should be doing or not doing? Im sending a simple join my list form *if...
  10. WayneJay

    How to find good mailing lists to join?

    How do I search for good niche-relevant mailing lists to join? This is so that I can have a reference on their sales copy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. M

    Casino email marketing

    I'm looking for someone to create an email server that will have a greater than 50% inbox rate. The email is a simple VIP promotional email for an online casino with one link, no pictures. I will pay a $500 bonus for greater than 50% inbox rate every 10,000 emails (total emails will be approx...
  12. flashsites

    Cold Email in Dating *Outdated?* / Script Advice

    Hi I would like to know if cold emails in the dating industry no longer works. I tried in the past with lame results. My emails were usually something like "Hi I think you're cute" - auto-response was "Find me on xxx" Is this Auto-responder method whats outdated? Any scripts working for...
  13. midnightsavant

    How do you extract and format combo list emails?

    Does anyone here know of a tool/site to extract emails from combo lists then properly format them for the purpose of inputting them into a mail sending service? 1st screenshot is before the extraction And formatting: 2nd screenshot is after the extraction and formatting:
  14. flashsites

    Need massive dating email blast

    Hi I'm aware dating email blasts dont convert well but hoping to get a good number of inital users with a large enough blast. Someone on fiverr from Nigeria wanted to charge me 175 to blast a 150m list. I'm not sure if thats a good price due to low conversion. Do any of you offer this service on...
  15. B

    Free Solo Ads offers how many times can you use them?

    Hello, If you use Free Solo Ads for growing your list and make your first CPA sales. How many times can you use those Solo ADS with the same IP? If you need it again do you just make another email address? And make a new account. Or do you also have to change your IP address? Thank you
  16. K

    Group email scraper

    I just got info on FB Lead Crusher Pro 2.0 and it seems that it has been wiped of the internet. Anyone know of any software that will help me to scrape the emails of some groups that Im in?
  17. N

    Migrate from feedburner to getresponde goal clickbank sales

    Hi guys, some years ago I had a blog in which I collected about 70 feedburner subscribers, I would like to take advantage of these to create an email marketing campaign to promote clickbank products, I think I have read that to migrate them from feedburner to Aweber, they (subscribers) will...
  18. V

    Send my emails for me

    Hello, I need someone that can send emails for me that won’t go to spam. If you’re interested, please message me. Thank you.
  19. B

    Affiliate Marketing product for email marketing

    Hi Group Mates, I work in marketing department of an IT company so I generate database (about 120 to 150 acc / day) of RPC majority of the people are from software development back ground. So can anyone please suggest me any niche which I can sell to these people, if affiliate product is for...
  20. Blackxton

    Email marketing for CB

    Hello world, I have a good email list that i’v personally collected from different social media, i want to try and build a relationship first with those people via a mail sending platform and then send them my affiliate link to those who didn’t mark me as spam. My question is do you know any...
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