email leads

  1. Geth_Prime

    My Lead gen + your business

    I am currently trying to find experienced digital agencies or businesses that is looking for email leads. I've run a few campaigns myself and converted x10-x30 my investment via this method. Its a simple cold emailing with my twist. It's no 100k per day, I'm not even sure that's viable these...
  2. SimplrHosting

    ✅ 10,000 Targeted B2B Email Leads from $30 ▶️Email, Full name, Company, Website, Business Address & More!◀️ ⚡ Perfect for Cold Email ⚡

    Hi, I'm selling B2B leads exported from at a fraction of it's official price. It's a professional B2B database like Zoominfo, one of the best use case of these would be using them for your cold email campaign to book more meetings, and ultimately convert into your own clients...
  3. A

    Need Instagram Email Scraping Service for 300k emails per month

    I am looking for a service that can scrape 300k emails per month (10,000 per day) from instagram hashtags at a reasonable price. Comment with your price for this service please P.S - I am paying per email scraped, not per user
  4. don7777

    [REQ] Need Forex Niche Email List

    Hey guys, Need a lot of Forex Trading niche-related emails. Please send me what data you have and what your price is.
  5. Geth_Prime

    STOP SCRAPING!!! Immediately book thousands of dollars monthly sales with targeted and verified B2B leads

    ⛔ STOP SCRAPING FOR LEADS Why? Mass scraping can harm your IP in the long run (multiple captchas when browsing) High bounce rate. Higher cost of cleaning. Takes more time for personalization. You are killing your domain reputation and IP by emailing role-based emails ([email protected]...
  6. Y

    I CAN'T MONETIZE )): I'm picking up 3k (dating niche-focused) leads a day (non-buyer/buyers), but not sure how to monetize..

    So I'm an affiliate marketer and I run a ton of cold traffic ads from Taboola, FB, youtube to a Clickbank offer. I've been profiting quite well without collecting any leads and directly transferring them over to the Clickbank VSL. But now, I'm thinking I should start collecting leads before...
  7. xcodes


    Email Marketing Solutions. You will get fully configured server with Email panel installed along with SMTP Linked on your own Domain. CUSTOMER REVIEWS :
  8. NagacomesforU


    FAQ How are you gathering these emails? I use a private built software to gather the leads from different websites on the internet (niche dependant). The leads gathered from these sites are highly active on them, have expressed great interest in the particular niche and are more than likely to...
  9. E

    How to use email leads to make money online? Got millions Fresh Leads

    Hi! I and my friend stole this email leads to our company and try to make money with it. I read some article about email marketing, but for a newbie like me, it's so hard to catch up how I am able to send a message to the email and convert them to money. I have no idea about building a website...
  10. 1

    Genuine Email Marketing Services to Boost your Business/Sales

    Try Email Marketing Solutions to Boost you Business/Sales is a multi-channel marketing website that serves businesses reach their target audiences globally and efficiently boost their sales through regular marketing channels. Only having a bunch of...
  11. ad149

    Free Switzerland Leads

    Hey I am an IM from Sweden and I have found a way to get B2B leads from Switzerland from local website. It is a yellow page with businesses like restaurants, home repair, beauty and health, shopping, cars and transportation etc. Reply below if you're interested and I will give any email + phone...
  12. CallumCPA

    Earn $$ with targeted lead lists (giveaway) for BHW members! :)

    Hey BHW, I have been here for a while now and its the best forum out there I am sure. From BHW I managed to educate myself above and beyond and I have made a lot of money with the valuable content shared here. I am giving back to you all now and I am providing lots of free lead lists for...
  13. IndiBoy

    How to 'growth hack' email lead generation for my demographic in US and India?

    Hi, I need to know alternatives to traditional lead generation techniques like opt-in forms, freebies and subscriber list to perform direct email marketing. My demographic is basically students in US and India and I would like to know if there is a way to extract genuine emails which can result...
  14. earn20

    Email marketers

    I'm looking for clients those who want to send bulk emails on daily basis. I can send upto 100k+ emails on daily basis and 99% inbox rate. We can split the profit & can work long term basis as well. If you are interested kindly PM me your skype id. Regards
  15. kusakos

    How to monetize Company Executives leads?

    I have 300k + leads from different companies. All have over $100 million annual revenue. These leads are mostly in R&D, Business Development, and Product Development. All are decision makers in their respective departments. I have First Names and Last Names, email and phone numbers, and company...
  16. M

    Need a UK Email list supplier

    I need a reliable UK email list supplier that can supply me with fresh leads daily. you must have good leads aswell. and will also be able to provide on a regular basis aswell. PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME IF THEY ARE SCRAPPED LISTS. I WANT FRESH EMAILS pm with prices and details please.
  17. R

    Which CPA Network Approved Email Marketing List? Need Help!!!

    Hello, Now I want to promote some CPA offer via Email Marketing because I've a Email Boomber. Can anyone tell me which network allow email marketing leads and how to get approval. Thanks
  18. C

    [GET] Online Free Email Extractor is a web spider which crawls through the web and extracts e-mail addresses from webpages. You just have to enter start webpage URL, select crawling mode, set maximum number of URLs to crawl and launch a spider. It will walk around the web and collect e-mail addresses. 2...
  19. N

    Quality email leads provider USA / Canada and UK

    Hello, I need quality email leads provider. 100% cleaned lists for USA, Canada and UK . You present me what niches you have so i can choose, and also i want 100% clean with no old copies. All interested can supply me for test samples so i can check. Regards, Nemke
  20. SEOWhat

    Good selling email resources

    I got few freelancers who will collect me around 50k emails for companies/individuals who's websites look shitty and who have pretty good background in their work, so I am sure they have budget for website redesigns. I also have phenomenally designed website with portfolio and my previous...
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