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  1. Ndiqi

    [NEW] Email Blast Service ✅ No Warmup ✅ Fast Send ✅ Cold Email ✅

    Email expert at your fingertip We send emails for your projects / campaigns so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of doing it yourself ✅ Done in less than 5 days ✅ Just bring your email list and content ✅ Super fast email delivery Place an order: 1. Contact me Telegram:
  2. J

    Confused on what to promote to millions of Email database

    My partner has Debt, Crypto, Gambling, Insurance,Forex emails from US majority. He also has software which can send emails.He will take care of it. I want to make money from the list.I don't want to build any groups/ complicated funnel/system. Just want to promote offers and get the money in...
  3. flashsites

    Seeking Email Blaster with High Deliverability

    Hi, Im in need of a recommendation for an Email service that will let me send 15M emails to a list of people for an adult related product. Any real recs? No random links please. I've had my share of time wasters :D
  4. flashsites

    Email Service to send 15M emails

    Hi, Im in need of a recommendation for an Email service that will let me send 15M emails to a list of people for an adult related product. Any real recs? No random links please. I've had my share of time wasters :D
  5. F

    Offered To Be A CMO in A Crypto Traiding Company - Need Your Advice

    So a friend of mine who made a fortune working in Forex companies, has started a new company which is basically doing the same, only in the crypto world. He approached "a friend of mine" and offered him to take over the marketing and lead generation part of the business. And though this...
  6. midnightsavant

    Does it make sense to use proxies with smtp servers for cold emails?

    So, I've spent nearly a week prepping a CAN-SPAM compliant bulk cold email marketing campaign. I have mail blasting software , proxies and access to external SMTP servers. I've been testing the smtp server by sending emails to my accounts and they get delivered pretty swiftly. However, for...
  7. flashsites

    Need massive dating email blast

    Hi I'm aware dating email blasts dont convert well but hoping to get a good number of inital users with a large enough blast. Someone on fiverr from Nigeria wanted to charge me 175 to blast a 150m list. I'm not sure if thats a good price due to low conversion. Do any of you offer this service on...
  8. Nana Dada

    [Fiverr gig] Sending 20 million emails for $40. How do they do that?

    Hi guys, I stumbled upon several Fiverr gigs where people claim they can send several tens of millions of emails (like 40, 60, 80 millions) for several tens of dollars (usually less than $100). Is that technically possible to be able to send such volumes so cheaply? If so, how do they do that...
  9. Seagate44

    Email blast, Mass email, Mass mailing solution

    Looking for a mass emailing solution, clean and verified e-mails. I used Amazon SES sending 400-1200 emails/day but now it goes to spam. Please offer solutions.
  10. D

    Looking for bulk email blast server

    Looking for a bulk email server Can use gmass with smtp that rotates IPS Looking to purchase Currently using mailwizz with no reply capabilities Cleaned lists looking to send 1mm plus a month
  11. bsm2019

    Need Mass Email Sending Solution.

    Looking for a mass emailing solutions, clean emails and already verified, just need a way to send mass emails now with decent inbox rate. Message as soon as possible,

    MASS EMAIL SERVICE - Any STill Available?

    Any BHWs still offering bulk email or Mass Email blasts from their servers? Please PM me with rates, daily, max, max number of contacts,. etc thanks
  13. BlackGrumps

    Best Approach To Mass Email in 2019?

    Hey all :cool: Looking for any recommendations for mass emailing that are relevant still? Could be a software, method etc. Have a very small list of under 5000 that I want to send a pitch to and just looking for the best approach. Have searched through here a bit but email marketing is not my...
  14. testlogin

    Need someone who can send email campaign with high delivery rate

    I need a professional who can do email campaign with * *high delivery rate* *. I will provide email list, subject and body of mail. Email list are not opt-in, i have a database, for testing i will provide you a list of 10k or 20k. I need all reply's and report of delivery rate, Unsubscribe...
  15. andy1456

    Best Way to Send 10k Emails Daily

    Email's will be to the harvested list i have..unsolicited. I am looking for the following : 1] Inbox delivery 2] Matrix ( Delivered, Opened, etc.,) Will like to consider both dedicated server / email software option In case of email software like Atomic Mail Sender please can some one share the...
  16. Seagate44

    How to BULK deliver to ??

    Hey I've got mailing list of over 50k potential customers and I want to send them e-mail with my link, but as we all know sending that many emails with the same link will end up putting these emails in junk box real quick (in the best scenario). Also it may be treated as a spam, I dont mind it...
  17. theabcofxyz

    Need 5k emails sent

    I have a list of 5k emails I want to reach, would like to hear from experienced members. Thanks.
  18. Azcension

    I have 23,000 emails. How can I make money from them?

    I've been collecting emails (all double opt-in) through my polls on my political site, but I'm want to start making money from them. How to do that? Also, if someone wants to purchase the list, just PM me.
  19. blackcommoner

    email blast with free email

    Hi BHW, I developed my own automated email sending web based soft which can use any smtp or server email. I am not good in email server setup. So here is the matter of ip blacklisting. So i decided to use free email clients like gmail,yahoo etc. If i use multiples accounts to send email, will...
  20. B

    Mumara :Best Email Marketing Application Across the Globe

    This post is coming soon regarding email marketing
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