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  1. M

    Searching Runbox Mailer alternative

    Hey everyone, For a long time I used Runbox as a mailer, with my own domain in connection with a warm-up service. This worked excellently and without any problems. Unfortunately, Runbox has locked me out of some email accounts and has not responded to support tickets for days / weeks, but only...
  2. karlochi

    Mailchimp account issue

    Hey BHW family, recently i had a problem with Mailchimp. My account got suspended because of Terms of service violation. It says that: automated abuse-prevention system, Omnivore, has detected an action or content in your account that may be in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy. I sent...
  3. Ndiqi

    SMTP Email Delivery & Marketing Accounts ▶️ Sendgrid ✅ Mailgun ✅ Sendinblue ✅ SparkPost ✅ 50K ⚡ 100K ⚡ 1.5M Sending Limit ◀️

    Hi there, Welcome, we're selling Email accounts. Skip the application and verification, you don't have to deal with the rejection, let us be your wingman. 1. Sparkpost Accounts 50K Monthly Limit Price: $120 Account will be subscribed into starter plan ($20~ Per Month) 100K Monthly Limit...
  4. R

    YouTube marketing via email.

    I don’t wanna be all technically just logical! Say for instance you have a list of 10,000 emails. Your sending a YouTube video per day to the list. On average you convert 2% via email marketing equally 200 daily views! Somewhere in YouTube they track where you get views from. I wanna buy views...
  5. D

    Yandex email accounts

    I am looking for a bunch of Yandex email accounts including a concept.
  6. kaushik1996

    How accurate are email-validation services?

    There are various email validation services available in the market. If you want to choose the best email verification service in terms of accuracy, your email validation service must pass through the following checkpoints. So, you can get a better idea to choose the best one. - Email address...
  7. MehtaM

    [WTB] Aged Gmails(UK) and Outlook emails

    Looking for 1) 10 aged Gmail (UK - PVA - at least 3+ months old) 2) 20 emails (US/UK) - softeg will work too. I can pay with Litecoin(LTC) only
  8. D

    Does anybody know a trick to create many gmail/outlook accounts?

    i want to create many emails without any number verification
  9. Florin84

    What conversion rate do you get with email marketing or is dead????

    I'm wondering what others marketers have as conversions for email marketing . Since I just started and sent so far 200 but no conversions so far. What is your conversion rate with email marketing? I know depend on the more factors but I want to know others how much conversions get or is a dead...
  10. survivorghost


    I want to create an email for a website I don't have access to. example: [email protected] And I don't have access to hosting. I heard it was possible for personal website based on WordPress. But I don't know how. Can anyone shed some light on this? THANKS
  11. voxoto

    How can I create several emails at once?

    Hello, i have been searching the internet for several hours, but i have not found a way to create multiple emails at once or at least to enter emails faster, which i need for different instagram accounts. Maybe you know the problem and have a solution! I am happy about your answers. Greetings...
  12. Thesky7


    How can i stop this spamming emails.
  13. olo555

    I buy email accounts yahoo,hotmail,gmail

    I wanna buy email accounts, im interested yahoo,hotmail,gmail . Please send me offer and price. Payment: only paypal
  14. T

    email bulk sender owners//question//

    hi dears .. please i need advice from you I have sendblaster 4 (bulk email sender software) I use my website server to send thousands of emails but the probleme is that all m email go to Junk or spam section please any advice to avoid that ? thank you
  15. J

    How can I create activity for my all emails to be not blocked for unactivity (created by bot)

    Hello all, I create a bot where I create outlooks email with a unique private IP address for each account, the creation it's ok, but in 10days / 15 days my email is blocked because this isn't activity (or only 1 email was received to activate an account create on application). What's your...
  16. flashsites

    Email list for adult dating

    Hi we just finished a dating site for swingers. We're all developers so we're in uncharted territory here. I read that email is the best quick way to get members. Does anyone know where to get quality email lists for adult dating?
  17. B

    Using Free Solo Ads more than once

    Hello, I`m rephrasing an older question I`ve put here on the forum. If I use a Free Solo Ads provider to test it`s email list and I do that to multiple solo ads providers until the free testing that they offer is gone(say one solo ads provider offers 5000 emails). If I want to do business...
  18. I

    Is it foolish to have instagram's contact email same as the registration email?

    Most businesses need to give an email in instagram bio for business communications, what are pros of cons of disclosing your registration email as the contact email or should you always choose a different email?
  19. setmywed

    how can i send multiple emails in just one click

    how can i send multiple emails in just one click
  20. youngx99

    Email Address Suspended

    I was using outlook mail for creating social profile on various websites. Making only 5 profiles per day. Now after 3 days when i tried to login it says my email address suspended as there are "so many junk emails sent in recent days". What the hell is the problem?
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