edu blog

  1. M

    Looking Edu Institute Blog

    Hi Guys, i'm looking the blog like these samples in below : 1. 2. thank you for who will offer the price and list with me :)
  2. shourav barua

    edu site

    I need auto approval edu blog site list
  3. info.seeker

    edu backlinks

    Guys, is .edu backlinks are worthy for a micro niche blog site these days? If anyone here having a better experience with these please help me, i want to rank couple of articles in google. Your suggestions are welcome :)
  4. webhostingproviders

    Create EDU Blog with Page Rank 7 totally FREE

    Everyone loves dot EDU links as they are most authoritative in Google eye and makes your website go up very quickly. Today I am going to teach you How to create EDU Blog with Page Rank 7 FREE Follow the steps below Please go to Google and search for Academia. ( this way you are seen as a...
  5. fullypak

    PR4 edu blog for first 20 members

    Hello! This is my second edu blog share - the first one was pr3 edu blog and now with pr4 edu blog. This one recently got but not tested much and also I'm not sure how long your post will stick their. Qualification - you much have at least 50+ posts Thanks or repo are appreciated (optional )
  6. fullypak

    PR3 EDU blog for first 20 members

    Hello, I have learnt many things in this forum - I'm not a full time marketer, do only during my time. This is my first share here - I do not know, if you have already this blog or not. http:// - page rank is 3 Your blog will look like this one -...
  7. Petta

    Importance of .edu and .gov backlinks in seo?

    The importance of .edu links is very much common in search engine forum discussions. But well, experienced suggest that it is worthwhile to buy EDU links in order to get good rank in search engines. Performance wise one edu link is equal to ten normal links that are .com, .biz, .org, .net etc...
  8. spiider

    EDU Blog Posting Service ~ Get Gold Quality Backlinks

    Hello BHW. Here I am again with the most powerful and most trusted Edu blog posting service. With all of the latest search engine updates to arrive almost monthly, one fact about website SEO that remains unchanged is that having authoritative links to your website is the key to improving and...
  9. Petta

    Need working .edu, .govt and .org links for link building

    Hi friends, I have a blog. This blog not get good rank in the google search engine. I am likely to create back links for my blog. I need working .edu, .govt and .org sites for link building. Therefore if u have a list then message or post the links to me. Advance thanks for...
  10. gullsinn

    [GET] Edu Blog For Unlimited Backlinking

    You can write your own articles on them: Hurry up! Enjoy!
  11. M

    Powerful EDU Blogs

    Anyone know how to get access to blogs like these? I see dudes killin it in my niches with number 1's for many products showing up overnight. I tired to scam these people into lettin me in but no go. The niche page that this leads to was an actual product I made...
  12. ihsan2all

    GIGANTIC BACKLINK Ultimate Power of HPR Web 2.0-Wiki-Edu-Bookmark-AD-Forum Profile

    Status Order : Open FAQ Q : Do you provide review copy? A : Yes, See post number #8 :-) Go Grab Them. Q : How long will the work take to be completed? A : 7 to 15 Days. Q : Why should I buy from you? A : Because we serve you better, :-) We are professional SEO team. Before...
  13. snoozebot

    Simple Method to Get .EDU Blog Comment Backlinks in your Niche

    Howdy rich people! I'm sure a lot of you already know this method and I don't know if this has ever been discussed here. But for the rest of you still in the dark, here's a quick way to find .EDU blogs with targeted keywords and get backlinks by commenting on them. Go to Google and enter a...
  14. b0dzila

    Giving out free Edu backlinks

    Hello mates, in my past thread i gave away 10 free edu.xx blogs under my edu.xx domain... I received alot of requests for more... so here wa? i am offering to you guys for free... I am offering free edu backlinks on my edu.xx website. as this website is on wordpress platform. I will...
  15. b0dzila

    edu.xx linkwheel will it work??

    Hello guys, i want to ask you guys a question as this is the best forums as far as i know over the internet to get best opinions... few days back i managed to get an edu.xx domain and i installed wordpress mu on it to create more blogs under that domain... well i think i can get more...
  16. b0dzila

    Giving away free edu blogs

    Hello Mates, I have learned alot from this forum... And also it was my birthday on Jan-11th... So i Just want to give away 10 free edu blogs for lifetime... under my edu domain... But you have to be under these criteria: You must have more than 150 posts. You must have at-least 1 iTrader or...
  17. Underwater

    Edu backlinks | Write as many links with anchor as you want on .edu site (share)

    Hi guys, Just wanna share about getting do follow links as many as I want: I was browsing about social media networking sites and found one with .EDU extension. I made an account there and It's possible for me to put my link on my profile page/WALL page, and possible for me to create my own...
  18. S

    Ok I have my new Edu blog...what to do with it?

    I just got approved for a new .edu blog and a edu email address, and was wondering what I could do to maximize them to their full potential. Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.
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