1. chxnge

    Looking for someone to gather traditional movie clips for me

    Hello, looking to hire someone to gather a large amount of movie clips for me portraying traditional life. Looking for clips featuring masculine men and feminine women. No hints of feminism should be visible. Some ideas: Masculine men doing business with each other, teaming with each other (for...
  2. kurosaki4d

    What is the cost of Proofreaders?

    Hi Everyone, I'm about to hire a new "Editor/Proofreader/Formatter" in a technical niche. I'm wondering how much do Editors charge per word? NOTE: Keep in mind that I already have reviewers that check some core elements written by the writers. So there aren't that many mistakes in the...
  3. B

    Looking For Editor Willing To Work On NSFW Content

    I am looking for someone to scrape NSFW content (short clips + gifs) and add a watermark to them. If you are interested I will inform you of specific categories I need content of. Can pay via crypto
  4. shawn_007

    Gutenberg Vs. Classic Editor : Your comfort level

    Hello Friends, Which editor do you use for your Content pages or Blog posts? Do you also use additional plugin / blocks to beautify or enhance your blog post ? What challenges do you face with Gutenberg or Classic editors? Thank you! Appreciate each one for your responses in advance.
  5. A

    Native English Content Writers + Editors

    Hey, For a big 2.5-3m words project looking for a long-term reliable content partner: Requirements: Native English-speaking writer based in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand Well Experience - 3+ years Not a thief - no plagiarism in any form Interesting...
  6. Xilick

    [looking for talented video editor]

    Hello BHW! I am looking to hire a talented video editor. I am fine if you have less experience, as long as you can produce something that looks of high quality and doesn't have an amateurish vibe - and are willing to improve over time. The videos are mostly for YouTube channels of various sizes...
  7. mumuk

    Need a video game trailer

    Hey, I am looking for skilled video editor to create a game trailer. - The trailer would be between 1min30 and 2min. - Based on recorded gameplay videos, you will need to cut interessting parts, add musics and effects/animations. - Associate the right moments with the right rhythm of music or...
  8. L

    Stylish read more button

    https://bit.ly/2PQu4jd Hello wordpress experts i need here a stylish readmore button in place of readmore text can some one help please ?
  9. Lifeisnotgood

    How to edit Wordpress theme and to add a sidebar?

    Hellou I have this Wordpress theme in use. -> type to google -> hitchcock wordpress theme I like it, because it's free and it looks great :D But the problem is that, the Designer has deleted the sidebar and the below bar from the code. So i can't add any widgets or anything else to those...
  10. AngelSeo

    Hiring: Editor for Sports Betting Web Content

    Qualifications: Familiarity with sports betting industry - terms, sports, markets, type of bets, strategies, betting systems, bonuses. Excellent English-language writing, editing and grammar. Strong writing and proofreading skills. Great attention to detail. Speed and flexibility, without...
  11. J

    Christian Broadcasting Network

    I'm looking for a person who can publish article permanently. The post article needs to have either ( contributors or editors name on it ). Needs rush work done. Message me your price.
  12. Danquids

    [Method] Get free Editor to convert your blog into video or any video you want for free

    I am not talking about any software here, this is a method on How to get your work done for free. 1. Find a video editing or tech-related facebook group whose most of the members are broke students. 2. Post a post that you want to hire a video editor for your youtube channel. Things that...
  13. Bookmaker


    Hey guys, Where can I find an app or online tool to put a animated text that walks in my youtube video Thanks
  14. ShiningWarrior

    Quick pic editor?

    Hey, looking for a quick picture editor. I do have Photoshop but I am using an old laptop so it takes a bit longer to open and do stuff quickly so looking for something that has the option to put arrows, text and other types of quick edit features. Please don't suggest Paint. :P Any...
  15. I

    need a chrome extension editor / developer

    I have a Chrome Extension but not sure if all Features work fine, Need someone who could check the Code, edit the design (Images/design are mine) you only have to implement them. Add some Buttons and Features. One of that Features is that you Need a key to run the Extension monthly, and a...
  16. S

    Mass photo editor?

    I need a program or app or trick that can help me edit a photo multiple times (Ideally about 20 times) to make it look "different" to Instagram so I can post it again and again without getting blocked. Currently use an app on the iPhone to add the picture onto a background and then I change...
  17. WhiteHatWorlds

    Are You A Wikipedia Editor? I Need Your Help.

    Looking for a wikipedia editor account with at least 4 days on it and 10 edits. Reply below if you have an account.
  18. rccnls27

    Looking for editor or content writer?

    Hi , I am planning to make a blog and needing content writers or editor for articles that I will right. Please PM me
  19. A

    Looking to hire Wikipedia Editor

    Need a new article added to Wikipedia by someone with an account in good standing with Wikipedia that has written other articles before, and that have not been taken down. Independent references would be ideal. I've paid lots of people on fiverr and peopleperhour (which I prefer, since they...
  20. X

    Looking for Wikipedia Editor or to buy Wikipedia account

    Hi, I 've got a lot of work to do on wikipedia and i'm looking for 3-5 guys to help me make some edits. I'm also looking for multiple wikipedia account (preferably aged account) Have a nice day.
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