1. N

    Buying aged Wikipedia account

    Hi, I'm interested in buying an aged Wikipedia account with good factual edit history and no issues on the account. Must be an Extended Confirmed User (account has existed for at least 30 days and has made at least 500 edits), special priority for any admin accounts. Please let me know!
  2. MrWhite2018

    What's the best iPhone video editor app when using other peoples TikTok videos, is there an easy to use app to change the video size frames and pixels

    Most require subscriptions or trials so I want to make sure I'm downloading the right one, I'd like to do what another user suggested: ============== 1-change the video size(it doesn't matter how you do it, for example, you can lower the quality or convert it into a different format) 2-change...
  3. Hustlim

    The best tool for automatic video creation?

    Please, I need to create an always short video (usually about 3 minutes) on YouTube for music that consists of multiple clips. Do you have a recommendation for a good tool that can best self-edit a video from recorded clips? Is there such a thing? Thank you for all tips!
  4. mumuk

    Need a video game trailer

    Hey, I am looking for skilled video editor to create a game trailer. - The trailer would be between 1min30 and 2min. - Based on recorded gameplay videos, you will need to cut interessting parts, add musics and effects/animations. - Associate the right moments with the right rhythm of music or...
  5. Zenarus

    Needs a How-To Video maker, with voice over.

    Hello. ill be launching my new GMB Platform soon so clients can log in and just create theire own gmbs by buying credits. i need someone to make a video of the platform and do voice over on how to use it and introduction. Budget 50 USD. if that something u can do let me know, i know some fivver...
  6. S

    How can I edit my thread ?

    Hey guys, So I need to edit a thread for a valid reason and after searching about the topic I realized that you can't edit the thread more than once after you posted it (edited 1 time right after posting and after that the option not available again) and you're supposed to ask a moderator...
  7. phreaktor

    Looking For a Tool to Manage/Edit Facebook "For Sale" Group Posts

    Is anyone aware of a tool that will allow me to edit Title/Price/Description and bump posts with a comment on a schedule? For example, if I have an item listed for sale in 20 Groups, and I want to change the price, currently I would have to visit each individual post to make the edits. Same for...
  8. Roger Sondrup

    Glad to finally be a part of BHW!

    Where has this forum been all my life! Well my production career only goes back about 5 years. So it makes sense. Plus, I'm 100% self-taught! Graduated with a degree from the University of YouTube, with an emphasis on Adobe CC. I grew up in the pacific northwest. Had a good home, but a...
  9. Lmoore78

    YouTube Video Editor and Thumbnail Maker

    Hi I want to hire someone who can take my boring Internet Marketing Videos and color grade and edit them to look professional. I will give you a outline of the way that I want the video to be. Also every video should have an attention grabbing thumbnail with big bold words across it. If you...
  10. AdventureManJules

    How to mass edit usernames & bios in Jarvee

    After a few months of research, I'm stepping up my botting game. I was inspired by @proxified method since this is something I've actually been doing for my own account for the past year. However, I was not doing it to the scale that is being talked about in his thread, & since he is...
  11. Vybra

    Anyone know how to edit songs/sound?

    Looking for anyone that can edit songs in a particular style, its called 8d music. If you think you are able to do this and/or interested, please PM me. Looking for a lot of videos if you can do it correctly we will be working for a long time together.
  12. E

    FFmpeg script - batch intro and outro to mp4

    Can somebody help me with script for ffmpeg? I want batch add intro and outro to mp4 video. - FFmpeg - OSX - Budget 10 usd
  13. S

    Was messing around and made this edit

    I was just messing around and I made this edit! It might be cringy but you be the judge! Please comment and drop a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, it is my first time using those type of effects and messing with an editing software. Also the more views I get the more it helps out my channel! Please...
  14. I

    Coder needed! Edit a Chrome extension

    Need somebody who could edit me a Chrome Extension. I dowloaded a Extension and ant an edit on it to make my own Version out of it. I want to add some more Features. For more detials please contact me.
  15. Selfinflicted

    How to edit title in a post (making it in bold letters) after it is posted?

    There is no visible edit button to click for the title.
  16. P

    Photos view

    I need best a photo edit and view software. My friend told me for use "KrojamSoftPhotoViewerPro" anyone know about it then tell me.
  17. Tv Tuberer

    How to attach an admin page to my website?

    How to attach an admin page to my website? Hi guys, I am new in this web world, i have a small website, i read many posts here but its all about creating new website an hosting, i am facing challenge in adding an admin panel on my website, is there any one who can guide me how to do that...
  18. S

    Anybody intetested in Service for service?

    So if you already read my previous post you may already know that i suk at grammar. So i'm thinking about hiring a proofreader who can help me with editing my article. I don't want you to rewrite or copywrite. edit it to make error free, have a structure (grammar,typos,repeated meanings..) In...
  19. G

    User friendly editable content in Bootsrtrap theme

    Hi all, exist any solution for user friendly text content editing in Bootstrap theme? X-editable is nice, but not exactly what I need. The best way is wordpress post/site editing alike. Thanks for any idea.
  20. J

    Help Me

    Hello guys I want to upload a video from someone else channel to mine one. But the Youtube will block video for Copyright content. So someone suggested to use Sony Vegas Pro and Watemark the video but I am total Newbie I don't know how to watermark the video. Anyone can please guide me how to...
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