ebay selling

  1. Caramelman7

    eBay Drop shipping question / strategy

    This is my example scenario : There is a gaming mouse for $25 on whatever the site is , and most seller's sell it for $30-$50 and I decide to sell it for $27 and there are no fees since it's just a new account and I want to get more sales than money first. So I have been thinking whether I can...
  2. F

    I would like to sell used and new designer clothes online but only in US

    Hi guys, I don't want to go much in detail. But I would like to resell used designer clothes some of them might be even new online. The issue is I can ship to US only. The shipping is fast. But I don't have much experience with ebay, can I set the listings that I ship only in US? Are there any...
  3. smk0090

    Need Help Selling on Ebay

    I have amazon gift cards which my colleague gave me as bonus and I want to turn it into cash. Someone told me to sell it on ebay for a good price, but I dont know how to sell securely on ebay since there are a lot of scams. I just hope some brilliant minds can help me. Thanks.
  4. Euphorix

    BANK WITH EBAY- The Only Dropshipping Course That Will Take You to $10,000/m in 6 Months

  5. Euphorix

    Ask me anything about dropshipping on ebay

    Hey there BHW-ers! I've noticed that the level of interest towards the eBay side of BHW has piqued within the last week or so. Some of you are just now getting your feet wet, whereas others are trying to figure out how to turn this thing into a full time xx,xxx/m income. I've spent A-LOT of...
  6. Euphorix

    How do you pull your sold items from banned eBay accounts?

    Had an eBay account that was banned three months ago. Can't log in to it but would like to see the items I sold on it (Because it was banned it no longer shows up in ebays store search) + Usually ebay selling history only shows your activity within the last 60 days. Is there some type of eBay...
  7. 1

    Easy 20% Profit!

    Hi guys! ;) As you all know, eBay can be a real "annoyance" to put into a softer tone, sometimes, as they love to suspend accounts- especially when new accounts sell what they would consider "suspicious" items. Therefore, I need a high ranking eBay seller to sell some of my things for me-I AM...
  8. mulcahy43

    Please Help: Need to Get # of Sales Up

    Hey everyone! So I am in a little bit of a dilemma. So if anyone doesn't know, on eBay you have a performance rank/level. There is below standard, above standard, and Top Rated. They other day I fell below standard, and this is because I made idiotic mistakes when first starting out selling (I...
  9. F

    Genuine Mobile Phone Parts Drop shipping for eBay And Amazon

    Genuine mobile phone parts for all mobile phones -Drop shipping Only- all are genuine products and no fake items returned are accepted + worldwide shipping is free with tracking number (USPS) + i m the shipper no third party shippers + no any fees Payment method : Paypal here are few...
  10. C

    100% verified China-Wholesaler,All Branded Products.Working WORLDWIDE,I Have his contact.

    Hello mates, Want to tell you about some good Verified Seller Who are separated in China and working with almost all well-known BRANDS Nike,Adidas,Gucci,Armani,Sunglasses,Outwear,All kind clothing and other stuff.Of course I can say what he is verified cause I ordered from him a lot of things...
  11. BlakeAyrl

    Ebay selling without Credit Debt or SS#

    With all the issues with paypal and Ebay buyers I'd like to be able to sell on Ebay without attaching my debit or credit card and avoid using my SSN with it. Others would like to avoid it and I know it is a popular thought for a lot of people because the buyers have been ripping off the sellers...
  12. D

    Get traffic through ebay and make money through your blog

    Anyone who wants to make some money by getting free traffic from ebay and redirecting them to your blog by messaging them thru ebay - hit me up. Contact me and I'll show you the way to make $5-10 a day through ebay traffic. Not much work required. MODS IF THIS BELONGS IN JV SECTION I AM...
  13. D

    Looking for a few ebay sellers for a hot product

    I have a hot product. I need more middle men as I don't have the time to post all day on ebay. You get 20% commission ~ about $5-$10 per sale No investments necessary 100% free to start PM me if interested.
  14. A

    Need someone to do some listing and selling for me on Ebay (ongoing business potential)

    Hi, I am a new user on Ebay and I cant access the money that i get by selling my items fast enough. I have to wait several weeks for it. I am looking for someone with an established Ebay account with good selling History to sell my items. The item is popular and very sell-able on Ebay. I...
  15. A

    Is 10K in Sales in the first month of an eBay Account a Record?

    I've been a long time fan of BHW and I'd always wanted to run a big time eBay store. So I thought I'd share my story. About two months ago I went through craigslist and found an ad for a $15/hr summer internship with a furniture manufacturer. I applied and was interviewed. The company was...
  16. M

    ebay selling question

    I was selling friends faux / imitation Pandora products and of coarse the account was suspended for copyright reasons. Anyone with tricks to avoid this?
  17. V

    eBay items won't sell

    I can't seem to sell my items on eBay. I'm not sure if it's the shipping charge, items themselves or what. I'm sure other people on here have asked this, but I was hoping someone can review my items both current and completed and tell me what I'm doing wrong. My account name on eBay is...
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