ebay scam

  1. Justin g

    Help i think i fucked up

    i got 2 orders on certain items today and i went about fulfilling them like I do, and after i did i noticed the accounts to be suspicious one is an account made the same day and another is a seller who has multiply accounts and on one of them is selling the exact items i sold them but for more...
  2. Wilson Grant Fisk

    London-based fraud gang jailed over £1m online ads scam

    Group led by Dragoz Dragomir made fake IDs to falsely advertise on eBay and other sites https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/feb/16/london-based-gang-jailed-1m-online-ads-scam
  3. bill2014

    List of Fraud Ebay Accounts sellers

    Hello everyone. In my search for an aged Ebay account, i got shocked to see the scale of scam in this field. Decided to compile a list. 1: https://digitaltrader.io/ This is a marketplace for selling-buying Ebay (and other) accounts. They had/have hundreds of listings. Once i decided to cross...
  4. ecraigzon

    Getting sick of eBay

    I am a long time eBay user and eBay is really starting to pi** me off. I have had 4 eBay accounts over the last few years, each of them getting banned for dumb reasons (transaction outside of eBay, 2 cases expiring w/o buyer resolution) and I am looking for a better place to sell that i can...
  5. H

    HOT!, New Nigerian Ebay Email method

    So I posted a few auctions and made a few bucks on ebay, More on this later in another thread. Of Course not all my buyers paid me right after the auction end, and some are now going on a week, like this one below. I got this email this morning, from one of my "Buyers", This is hilarious in...
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