ebay auctions

  1. H

    ebay auction newbie

    Hi I want to sell on ebay, but I'm just a newbie, however, I've made some searches to get the basics how selling on ebay is and I end up with this: "...On eBay, auctions are open to bids for exactly 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10 days. When time is up, the high bidder wins" source: thebalance.com I've got a...
  2. Z

    [GIVEAWAY] Add eBay watchers to your eBay auction.

    As most of you auction veterans are well aware, eBay made changes to the search algorithm (a.k.a Cassini) in 2013. Plus, auctions are, by default, listed under 'Best Match'. These changes have affected many sellers. Freebie: I'm offering approx 25 genuine watchers to your eBay auctions. I've...
  3. T

    ebay 'Watchers' exchange

    Hi Everyone This topic is a source of interest and would like to hear your thoughts... I have bought and sold stuff on ebay many times but 'watchers' and views would appear to give your product/service a better chance of selling or at least being seen So first question, is my previous statement...
  4. E

    Toms and Vans shoes Seller here A++ 100% Genuine and Authentic

    We are Toms and Vans shoes Sellers we accept Drop shipping orders and Wholesale Orders Shoes are OEM tested with Original Packaging. we offer you commission for drop shipping and cheapest price for wholesales, our shipping methods are USPS,FEDEX,DHL.EMS we accept return for Toms and Vans...
  5. bxuhub

    [IMPORTANT QUERY] Can we sell a pirated win32 software on eBay?

    It has been running on my head a minute ago. Can I/we sell pirated win32 software on eBay? Will they allow it? We will just post it like an original software. I don't know if anyone tried it. Just from a freaky side of my mind. :) Hope to get answers on this query. :)
  6. S

    Ebay Account Holders Needed For JV

    This is my second thread regarding this jv, but am opening this one because of the difference in commission . So here is what am looking for, i need members with good ebay accounts to distribute products for me, you get $20 on each sale, and you can sell as many as you want. Am looking to work...
  7. S

    Need Ebay account holders to Sell on Ebay for me

    So, here is an idea i have, i currently have couple of Ebay accounts i sell with, but i can only sell one item in that particular category, which is the main category for my product. So, i want to expand, and here is where you come in, you do the listing, with your own ebay account, and you...
  8. C

    Try to Sell First Product on Ebay, Need Help!!!

    I am trying to sell an Windons 7 Ultimate Full Version on ebay but not sure if there's a specials tricks that to be done to help your item sell. I'm looking for someone to help me or sell for me, for a profit.
  9. N

    What is the Platinum Power Seller talking about?

    This was in an email from him selling a $697 course - "The first 10 who grab their own copy will also learn the money method I taught a friend. With this method you buy something for $500-$600, pull it apart and sell the pieces for a $2000-$3000 PROFIT! I can?t reveal this secret to too many...
  10. BillyRayValentine

    How do I copy sellers?

    I have been looking at certain auctions in Ebay, and certain sellers seem to sell nearly 100% of their auctions. Whereas, I am lucky to sell 20%. On the surface, I dont seem to be doing anything differently to them. So how do they sell 5x as much? Is it possible they are getting traffic to...
  11. Abercrombie

    My listing is not showing up. Is it becasue of my web address?

    I have no idea? I had a listing sell (well, like 5 of 11) so I know that there is a market for the stuff I am selling, (let's call them collector BBall cards). So, half of these collector BBall cards sell. It costs me 5.50 for the listings, and I made 75.00. GREAT, I think. So I made a site to...
  12. X

    Are There Any ebay Alternatives??

    Anybody here using a good auction site other than ebay?
  13. pintonbd

    Listing on ebay with another payment processor

    HI, i want to list some digital products on ebay ..also want to link buy now button to my ecommerce site where i use 2co as my payment processor..it is possible..? also inform me can i make some store in ebay only for digital items..?
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