ebay affiliate program

  1. pepekobasa

    Thoughts on eBay affiliate program?

    Hello guys, I just want to ask if anyone of you is using eBay affiliate program. I am thinking about trying eBay affiliate program for my new site since I had a bad experience from Amazon from my past site. What do you think is the pros and cons of using eBay? Does eBay has a lot of commission...
  2. lmarton

    My traffic + Your EPN account

    I need an experienced partner who has an EPN account (ebay partner network) You need to provide me a cloaked link which redirects to ebay home page.The referer need to be a legit site,because ebay will ask the traffic source and if you can't answer then your account will be suspended. I will...
  3. lmarton

    Ebay Partner Network + Payoneer??

    Does EPN works with payoneer global payment service? Anyone tried this? I added my payoneer EUR account details to epn direct deposit but I don't know if it works...I registered to epn with a germany vpn because my country is not allowed. My previous account was banned before payment. Now I...
  4. CoCoTracy

    I am a newbie with an Ebay Affiliate Acct. I would love a little guidance please

    I am starting from square one. Very determined to learn how to do this. I have read every thread. I am looking for a step by step guide walking me through the steps. It's the only way I can learn with all of the different information out there. Not looking for an easy way out - just...
  5. A

    Aliexpress and Ebay Affiliate Program

    Hi, I am currently trying Amazon affiliate, my site is ranked for some keyword in the 3rd page, and I am doing seo right now. And I found I am getting traffic from outside us too. As Amazon is us based and only for US customer I am thinking how I can monetize non-US visitors, AdSense is an...
  6. randybishop

    Anybody ever done eBay Affiliate Program?

    Wondering your experience if you have done the eBay Affiliate Program? Thank you!
  7. P

    Newbie Questions about Ebay..Please help

    Dear all, I earn from adsense but don't have any sorts of idea about ebay. I have little bit of idea about Cj. Is ebay affiliation progam same? I want to make a blog on dog products. How to set up that with ebay? also do you feel ebay should be best option for dog products? How do they pay...
  8. seoarticle

    How to get approved for ebay affiliate program

    I am new here, and i like to say this is a very informative and money and time saving forum. i like to thank all the contributing members. I am trying to become an affiliate partner with ebay, but when i went through the reg application it says i should have a website with is related it ebay...
  9. N

    Need Some Advice for EPN and Paypal

    I am newbie and I have two canadian EPN accounts but i can't verify the Canadian paypal account associated with my EPN accounts as i don't reside in Canada and don't have bank account in Canada either .I am from India and have verfied indian paypal accounts. If I associate the Indian payapal...
  10. JesterJoker

    New message from EPN Update about Terms

    Dear Affiliate, As you may already know, our newest release of the eBay Partner Network went live on September 10th. This new release incorporates additional reporting functionality to more easily track your traffic's performance on eBay, as well as a new Campaign Quality Report that will...
  11. Y

    eBay Affiliate Feed dynamic?

    hi guys, Can I place an eBay affiliate feed on a site and display items depending on a keyword? Eg, someone types laptops, laptops and notebooks are displayed, and someone types mobiles, mobile phones are displayed instead? Appreciate any help with this one... thanks, YoAussie
  12. Diamond Damien

    Ebay Affiliate Program Goes In-House! No More CJ For Them!

    Ebay Cuts ties with Commission Junction... SAN JOSE, Calif.,? March 17, 2008 ? Today eBay unveiled the eBay Partner Network, a new global affiliate program for publishers driving traffic to eBay. Officially launching on April 1st, 2008, the eBay Partner Network will be eBay?s new in-house...
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