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    Ebay favor listing promotion - ebay listing promotion not work

    I'm just wondering if you guys have some experience with promoting ebay listing. I believe they try to fool me. I have product with sell well, highly optimized search for more than 10 keywords, problem is if I try promote my listing for even more selling, there is no sales. My stats looks empty...
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    Ebay Best Matches

    Now that ebay has the default search set to "Best Matches" Has anyone had some success of getting better placement? I can use some of my SEO tactics to go with the right keywords but Hoping someone on here has some come up with some new ideas. Any tools would be helpful also. I am using...
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    Try to Sell First Product on Ebay, Need Help!!!

    I am trying to sell an Windons 7 Ultimate Full Version on ebay but not sure if there's a specials tricks that to be done to help your item sell. I'm looking for someone to help me or sell for me, for a profit.
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