1. T

    Advice for rookie - what to do with 60,000 e-mails?

    Hello everyone As my day job involves working with data, analyzing it, visualizing it etc., few days ago I accidentally figured out the way how to easily collect around 70,000 e-mails from different NGOs, universities, governmental agencies, international organizations etc. It basically...
  2. S

    I have 35k Fresh, Article Publisher Emails - Advise.

    I started an article directory about 8 months, Page Rank 3 currently, and ranked top 50k Alexa in the world. I just started recently pulling about $5 USD per adsense a day, and am receiving traffic that needs to be monetized. However, I was wondering with 35k e-mails, (have tested once, great...
  3. lmxftw

    i am trying to export all the contacts from a facebook account and i need help

    hello as the title says i am trying to save a lot of contacts from a facebook account. i am a bit of a noob at all this so that is why i am asking for ideeas on how to do it. i have tried via yahoo's import contacts from facebook method and it only imports 150 people out of 5k. also if anyone...
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