e-mail list

  1. MagicInternetMoney

    How to best utilize e-mail list with 1+ million German subscribers?

    Dear BHW, I recently acquired this e-mail list through mutual acquaintances, however I am very inexperienced in e-mail marketing. I do speak pretty good German although it is not my first language. The list only contains e-mails so how would you best utilize this list? Just sign up for a...
  2. O

    Amazon Marketplace Outreach

    Hello, I'm looking for people that can help with an Amazon Marketplace outreach campaign. We're looking to contact all 3rd party merchants and invite them to use us as their supplier. You must have a plan of how you're going to do this.
  3. ekmll

    E-mail Lists + Clickbank Affiliate HELP

    I've found about 2m e-mail addresses from myriad of internet sources. Is it legal to send Clickbank e-mail swipes to those people? For example let's say I target people from US. What are my chances of getting sued? I already receive tons of e-mail from companies I never gave permission. If there...
  4. D

    I buy a database of Polish emails

    Hello. I buy a database of Polish emails. Only users e-mails. No business. Thanks.
  5. D

    Need Mass-Mailing ASAP

    As the Title says - Need E-mail List & Mass-Mailing. I want this for my Dating affiliate and Forex affiliate. Send me / Post Price for - 500k E-mail list / niche 500k Emails sent / niche Your Skype/Yahoo and what will be Inbox Rate Thanks
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