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  1. xanaIDE

    Serving different content based on UTM parameters is cloaking?

    hello everyone, I read that google ignores UTM parameters when crawling a website. So what I want to do is serve different content based on UTM parameters (I only want to change some paragraphs, but the topic is mostly the same). For example, I have an article about a Cadillac car, but I like...
  2. S

    Dynamic Year Insertion Google Ads Heading

    Hi, I have the following Heading: ‪{Keyword:BRANDNAME} 2018‬ al 50% di sconto Since 2019 is coming soon I wanted to get your advice on how to insert a dynamic year (instead of fixed 2018)? Any advice guys? Would appreciate a step by step instruction if possible? Cheers
  3. D

    How will Dynamic Pages optimize...Should I keep this format?

    Hi guys, Just a quick rookie question. I am having a Wordpress Site build with many city location pages with SEO in mind. The developers have it set up where the City Name is dynamically added to the page when it's loaded. Is this a terrible method in regards to SEO or will it eventually be...
  4. B

    Custom PPV Landing Pages with dynamic insertion

    Im looking for any and all resources of PPV Landingpage templates ideally templates Using dynamic keyword insertion and a landing page so I could say "Attention Visitor of oprah.c0m " (or whatever URL I was targeting) "Come Get your free xyz" I have a couple templates already if anyone...
  5. J

    Best way to display Generated Content...

    I want others to weigh-in their opinions on which method would be better. Let's say I have 7k pages of content and two options of generating the content. 1. Dynamically generate content each time Google or visitor views the page. Each page refresh the content will change. 2. Generate 7k...
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