dublicate content

  1. God of Porn

    Duplicate website and change a little

    After this last google spam update I have seen a lot of threads about lose in traffic. I wanna ask this question, if we have a site that was performing well but had many posts, is it possible to totally copy that and change few thing into a new domain? If its possible and will work is it better...
  2. Radvis

    YT gurus, I would like to ask Your expertise

    Hello there, how are You guys doing today? I have some questions regarding YT content. Currently, I have one monetised Youtube Channel. Now I have 73 videos on this channel with an average length of 5-8 minutes per video. My question is this: let's say I get hands-on another monetised YT...
  3. mdnaziurrhm

    Duplicate Content!

    What to do if I found duplicate content (same as mine) copied by another website/blog? What will be my next thing to do?
  4. T

    Duplicate Content Penalty

    I have a software development client who needs help with their SEO issue. His website got penalized (probably) for duplicate content. they had no SEO issues until January 2017 when they updated their site content and design. Content was duplicate from another site so they got penalized and...
  5. G

    Is encoded content dublicate content?

    It is %100 copyscape pass.What is your opinion?