1. D

    What's Up

    Hi everyone, wanted to introduce myself. My name is Dimka, happy to be here. ✌️
  2. F

    How authorities took down germanys largest darkweb market

    Interesting article I found about the darkweb market and how its operator was exposed. All over a pizza! https://thecyberpost.com/news/cybercrime/darkweb-news/how-authorities-took-down-germanys-largest-dark-web-market-chemical-revolution/
  3. Shabzy

    Looking for help marketing prohibited/restricted drug pharmaceutical research chemical

    Hello, I own a website which sells research chemical and I need help with social media and content marketing. Google, Facebook and Instagram have a ban on advertising these products through their platforms. They are legal in the UK but they are in a grey area in some other countries such...
  4. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Depop App has Drugs for Sale

    https://www.depop.com/ Read: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/mobile-clothing-app-depop-used-sell-drugs-alcohol-star-wars-bongs-1656995 https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/drug-bundles-for-sale-on-teen-clothing-app-nqnvc7srv...
  5. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Google Adwords Cracking down on Drug Rehab Ads

    Interesting articles on the bidding of Drug Rehab Keywords in Google. https://www.theverge.com/2017/9/7/16257412/rehabs-near-me-google-search-scam-florida-treatment-centers https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-09-26/why-it-took-google-so-long-to-end-shady-rehab-center-ads Looks like...
  6. J

    Is anyone using Aderall to work on projects?

    Hello BlackHatWorld, I joined this forum recently and I already started using some of the methods, giving each one my own twist and still learning alot of stuff from this forum. This is like striking on a gold mine! Can't say how happy I am about finding this site. Anyways, I've been...
  7. D

    best affiliate program in health niche?

    iam looking for best affiliate program which works with health niche I.e pills, supplements etc, which pays on time.
  8. T

    How to stop Law enforcement entering a website ?

    Hi, can I ask , is there any way I can put up a entry sign to my website that will , once enters clicked , stop any law enforcement entering or if they do , there rights do not apply with in the site.? i have a site that encourages people to talk about drugs , misuse of drugs and info on drugs...
  9. randybishop

    What is your favorite drug? (legal or illegal)

    What is your favorite drug? (legal or illegal)
  10. pxoxrxn

    Do you use drugs?

    Hey everyone, I am just curious to see how many BHW members use drugs. If you do let me know what you use, prescription or not. Cheers
  11. Bostoncab

    Any Real overseas pharmacies? Just for Antibiotics?

    So Im not looking to have a 9 hour erection or lose weight or grow my hair back. I have a condition that requires me to take a moderate dose of antibiotics daily. This is the only thing that keeps my tear ducts from clogging getting infected and then needing a heavy dose of stronger...
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