dropshipping aliexpress

  1. saidi3992


    i'll really use your help guys i need a vcc for my ebay account am from morocco and the website i was using to get vcc is not working anymore with my country can you tell me where i can get one thank's already :]
  2. R

    Drop shipping in Singapore

    Is there anyone doing drop shipping in Asia, mainly Singapore? What product are you succeed at? How do you deal with shipping?
  3. share4win

    [Dropshipping Journey] - Goal to reach $1,000/Month Profit before Dec'19 with min.investment

    Hello Friends, Welcome to my new dropshipping journey and the goal is to reach $1,000/month as profit before Dec'19 & flip the site for $xx,xxx. I've tried it in the past and failed miserably due to my laziness, lack of funds. This time, I've a plan which has been drawn in my whiteboard and...
  4. Y

    What am i doing wrong ?

    Hey guys so i started learning about dropshipping like 2 months ago and i decided that its the time to get up and start working the thing is i guess i did everything as it should be but there must be smth wrong in this so just to clear it up : 1-i created a store with shopify added a theme...
  5. Ryan Oak

    5 Dropshipping stores owner examining Shopify. Journey to $50k in 2019.

    Backstory Don't want to be boring so will be short. I started to make real money online in 2016 with affiliate website which I still own. And I currently own 5 Dropshipping stores all made with Wordpress + Alidropship plugin. Why Shopify? As I like to read anything regarding Dropshipping, I...
  6. evag3

    first dropshipping sell

    Hello guys , its my first time creating a thread but i watch everything here so far.. I have tried a lot of things but today i made my first sell in Ebay..I have a question just sold a product soo i have to go to Aliexpress and buy this to my customers adress Do i have to do something else in...
  7. Royalwithcheese

    AliExpress supplier asking for phone number ?

    Hey guys I’m dropshipping from Aliexpress to eBay. Generally I put +19999999999 as the phone number when I buy from ali, but now the supplier has asked for the buyer’s phone number which I don’t have. I’ve checked the buyer’s ebay and paypal but no results. What should I do guys ? Thanks in...
  8. Tatu kh

    Do think Dropshipping is still Profitable? How much did you earn in October??

    Hi, BHW I have done Dropshipping before. I know It work and it is a good business. But Its been 1 year I have left it. So, Is it still Profitable? How do you research your product?
  9. Tatu kh

    What is the Biggest amount you have earn from Dropshipping

    Hi, BHW Getting a lot of negative feedback from my first post on blogging link here: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/what-is-the-biggest-amount-you-have-earn-from-blogging.1061123/ So, this my next post. I have try Dropshipping and it work I earn around 250$ per month. If you don't mind please...
  10. Tatu kh

    Tips and Tricks for Dropshipping

    Hi BHW Share your best Tip and Tricks for Dropshipping If you don't mind sharing
  11. mhdfaran

    Copyright on products?

    I am new to Shopify. I want to start a dropshipping store but i am confused regarding copyright issues on products. For example, if I sell iPhone cases and accessories will it be a problem for me? Like copyrights from apple?
  12. E

    [JOURNEY] Making $50 a day using e-commerce

    This is like my third post in the Journey section my previous two journeys flopped. However, I now have so much free time so I'm able to really knuckle down and update my journey. The aim is simple. Earn $50 a day every day up till x-mas. To reach this goal I will be using drop shipping as the...
  13. scorpio89

    How to monetize a email list of more than a 200k native US residents.

    As the title says, what would be the best way to monetize such a email list. Any tips would be appreciated! I think such a email list would be a great head start in terms of marketing and exposure. Do you think so? Should I do blogging, content based website with affiliate marketing or...
  14. CThomasRaging

    eCommerce/Drop Shipping Course With Affiliate Program?

    Hey, does anybody know if there is some eCommerce or Drop Shipping course that has an affiliate program? I have found tens of courses but they don't have affiliate programs. So I contacted them via "contact us" page or through FB messenger plugin but I am still waiting for answers. Thanks!
  15. L

    Woocommerce + Aliexpress GDPR Problem

    Hi everyone! It's my first post here, but me and my friend have been browsing BHW for quite some time. We've decided to run a joint venture based on woocommerce dropshipping business. However, we've just hit a snag in regards to privacy policy changes imposed by the EU's GDPR. GDPR demands...
  16. McHenzy

    [GUIDE] Easy How to Increase Dropshipping Website Conversion Rate

    Not good at intros, so straight to the point. I have noticed that the predominant problem for dropshippers are: 1. Why my ads ain't converting? 2. How do I get a profitable niche to dropship on? I will like to answer to the best of my knowledge question 1, your input is required if you think...
  17. Ranking23

    Shopify / AliExpress Niche Researcher - $100

    Hello, We are looking to build our 2nd dropshipping store and need assistance picking a niche. You need to have experience in finding hot selling items which must also be high ticket. - Market research for potential high profitable niche with low to acceptable competition. - Research of highly...
  18. Bella Lopez

    Confused about WooDropship subscription!

    Hi there I had recently started a WooDropship 7-day free trial and it has expired now. While on the lookout for automating my WooCommerce store, I stumbled upon this one and found it to be quite simple till now. But I am confused because I have heard really good things about AliDropship as...
  19. kaizenKNIGHT

    5 Lessons Learned Making Over $1 Million in Sales With 5 Dropshipping Stores in 2017

    FIRST, Let me start by posting some of my screenshots for the skeptics...in my last thread, I had guys who were doubting, until I made a video showing my dashboard, and thanks to some weirdos, they went and FKd up my store! But, I made a come back...so for those who have ears, listen...
  20. V

    Need Video Ideas for Shopify and Amazon FBA!!

    Hey Everyone, Victor Martinez here, I just started my new youtube channel about with Tips & Tricks, as well as "How to" videos about Shopify and Amazon FBA. Channel is both in English and Spanish. I would love to hear from for you guys about what you would like for me to cover in this...