1. Jessica Lee 12


    ☘️ FACEBOOK ADVERTISING ACCOUNT FOR RENT ☘️ SOLUTIONS FOR ADVERTISERS ☘️ Accept BH,WH,GH ☘️TIKTOK ADVERTISING ACCOUNT FOR RENT ☘️ ✅ We don't charge an account setup fee, we only charge based on the ad spend data that the customer posts. ✅ Do not require customers to deposit in advance, only ask...
  2. combe

    Multiple Cards With Low Balance (1-2$) For Chargeback Rate

    Hello I'm doing Ecommerce and I heard from someone that there is a method for lowering your chargeback rate. The method would be: Get multiple (100-1000) debit cards with low balances on them and make a purchase on your website, the fake purchases will be mixed up with your real ones and the...
  3. B

    Can I trust the GoLogin anti-detect browser?

    I need a lightweight browser, VPN type, I'm not going to do multi accounting in 1000 profiles, so I choose an adequate price and a minimum of settings. But anyway, safety is important to me, who can tell me their thoughts?
  4. Youssef04

    New in Dropshipping [ Need help ! ]

    Hello everyone , I hope you guys are all doing fine . I have started Dropshipping few weeks ago , I have a budget of 300€ ,I have created a store , searched for some products that looks fine to me on the Dropshipping Center on AliExpress and lunched my 1st Ad on Facebook which went dreadful XD...
  5. Robinhood1234

    Dropshipping Tips

    I saw many people posting whether its worth it to do dropshipping now and also saw many post people struggling to find their winning product..So I would love to share some tips First of all dropshipping is still a profitable business model, the competition is much higher than previously but...
  6. cirodr

    Paypal lifetime ban and dropshipping

    Hi everyone, I have been dropshipping for 3 months and have found 2 semiwinners (they died fast). I had been using my paypal account for 3 years and when I got my first dropshipping sale it got limited. I called them and they asked me to submit some documents. I am 17 so I submitted a...
  7. E

    Etsy dropshipping from Aliexpress

    Hello everyone, I am a man from Lithuania working with etsy for about 3 years. I am looking for people who is going the same way - dropshipping on Etsy from Aliexpress. I have a lot of expierence on selling, creating stealth accounts, removing money holds, etc. But I feel that I need some more...
  8. Mejbahul Alam

    What’s the Shipping Cost from China to USA for 7 main shipping methods

    I found this on reddit and decide to share the community, hope this will helpful. I bet there are million people have thought about this business mode: import good products from China and sell to different market places in US. Although it’s easy to find product suppliers on Alibaba, still a...
  9. Kurt_weller

    Amazon to ebay dropshipping

    Hello Guys Recently I was doing dropshipping from amazon to eBay. But now PayPal holds my funds and are requesting an invoice from my suppliers, can I upload the invoice from Amazon to PayPal? Please help me.
  10. D

    I need a dropshipping JV Partner

    I don't care whether you are rich or broke/ experienced or noob. You'll be my jv partner and accountability partner. We will build stores together and help each other along the way until we make some money. I'm not super skilled but I managed to make 400k in revenue with ecomm. I'm currently...
  11. nifras

    [Give your advice] Rank Or Drop shipping business

    Hello everyone, So i comes with another question about my journey currently i am running two site one is old 2017Amz aff & adsense new 2020 adsense site so i planned get into dropshipping business already order one website from bhw marketplace it will delivery next sunday so my question is...
  12. H

    eBay Dropshipping From Amazon , Bestbuy or Walmart.

    Hi everyone, I am new to this world. I am thinking to do dropshipping on eBay from Amazon, or Best Buy or Walmart. Is it possible? I don't have any prior experience with this. Does this method still work in 2020? If yes then how could I go without any ban? I read some posts about stealth...
  13. sam005

    Tumbler and CPA ?

    Hello guys I have never used Tumbler before, does anyone can share his experience using Tumbler with CPA offers ? Also anyone who have used it for dropshipping or affiliates ... Let's start by talking about the best industry for Tumbler and what are the best countries to target on. Let's...
  14. S

    List on eBay - Buy from Sears -

    Would this work? Find a 80-90% off expensive item such as jewelery, tvs, appliances, etc on Sears. Right now because they are going out of business ande there are A LOT. I found a men's watch original price is nearly $600 for sale for $9ish. %98 off Post on eBay at 40-50 percent off. Buyer...
  15. K

    This kills my business

    Hi folks! Hope all is well. As you know, AE's shipping time is ridiculously slow and most of my customers requested refund since they haven't received their orders after a month..... Could you please be so kind to share the solution? I've considered FBA, however, I don't have the money for...
  16. alpuk

    How To Start Dropshipping If I Am Beginner ?

    Hello guys, Someone help me, which affiliate network is the best for starting dropshipping, like amazon/ebay ,aliexpress,or Banggood? Can I start without website and any investment? My income target is monthly 500-600$ possible this if I am beginner? Thank you for everything BHW
  17. Megawatz

    How To Search For Winning Products - Free 'n' Easy

    Hey all, hope you're spectacular ;) I wanted to share an alternative way to search for hot products. This could be for your ecommerce store or for ebay or amazon. My reason. Because I'm tired of being told by so many ecom "gurus" that you should just copy another shops winning products...
  18. putki

    Amazon Affiliate Program

    Hello I've some question about amzon & dropshipping, looking for the answer: is amazon affiliate still alive or can get profit better than others affiliate program? which is best nowadays amazon affiliate or dropshipping? which future is bright amazon / dropshipping?
  19. U


    Hello, Blackhatworld I'm new here and I'm trying to find and learn new ways to bring more traffic to my clothing brand social media accounts and increase my sells. I also here to learn more ways on how I can start my dropshipping business with little to no money. Also how to have multiple...
  20. D

    First step to e-Bay !!

    hello every one :):) !! i think this my second thread on blackhatworld !! i opened a store on etsy & ebay to sell my own product ! what i want to know is how i calculate the shiping fees & any usefull tips or tools that i can use on those platforms !!
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