doorway pages

  1. N

    Looking for someone who can Create Doorway Pages..,

    Need someone who can help me or generate Doorway pages for my niche..,
  2. N

    Can anyone Help me create or generate Doorway Pages

    I have tried a lot to create a doorway page. Can anyone help me create a doorway page.
  3. R

    How to do Parasite Hosting/doorway pages

    Hello friends i am looking for the solution that is how to do parasite hosting or doorway pages, means when i open my domain , it will show my content but when my domain is in ranking on search engine it will redirect users to different page ? Need Solution Urgently
  4. S

    Is Still Door Way Pages Trick Works in SEO?

    Hi, Is Door Way pages are still works in SEO to bring ranking for a keywords? after many updates from Google (Panda,Penguin)
  5. N

    Need US doorway traffic, need blackhat traffic from search engines

    Hello guys, I am new to this forum and registered here to find someone who may help to buy cheap US traffic which I need to send to my link (the linke is 100% clean and shows several ads at a time). Traffic may be coming from doorways or from any other sources which use search engines to...
  6. B

    Clever Doorway pages?

    Hi there I had an idea today using doorway pages, for this post we shall call the doorway page A and the destination site B. If you have 2 servers one hosting A and the other B. A is going to redirect to B without cloaking (I don't know how to do that yet) could you simply get A to the top of...
  7. randomsoftwaregroup

    [Case Study] Going to BH the snot out of a site and ...

    Had a site sitting there, so thought I was just see what happened if I did everything wrong on it. So I - 1) Made it a autoblog using general terms and Googles own RSS feeds to hammer a bunch of generic posts in a day 2) Keyword stuffed, keyword hid, keywords whited out 3) Stuck a bunch of rss...
  8. N

    Asura Doorway Generator

    Here's a doorway generator, it's called Asura Doorway Generator. You can check it out here: Below are the features. * Creating doorways, based on your own templates. * Support more than 50 macros. * Creating site map: HTML and XML formats. * Creating a...
  9. M

    How do you promote same template with tons of pages and no duplicate ?

    Hi to all, here is the trouble, i have made a page with a template with all bingo online, trouble if i make tons of pages, i get always same templates only meta changes. So 1- i get duplicate :( 2-how people make doorway pages (only need to chage meta and a couple of lines you can use the same...
  10. M

    how be nº1 with keyword online bingo ?

  11. revit

    Doorway Pages Auto Creator

    I know many people use doorway page auto creators on here, which one would you suggest, which is the best? and which do you use? If you have any available, please kindly upload them, I would be greatly appreciative.
  12. SunTzuX

    Typos in Doorway Pages

    I was wondering what people have experienced when using typos with doorway pages? I know in typical scenarios using typos can be frowned upon, however I have frequently used typos in domain names camping which is what gave me the idea. Basically I have a keyword list with 328 keywords...
  13. sapmi

    Idea - Ping and spam the f**ck out of bookmarking demon 4 - doorway page craziness

    Hi Guys, I have an idea. I set up say 1000 doorway pages (doorway page wizard pro) with my niche, all pointing to my main site. Then I buy a cheap .info domain to put my doorway pages on. I then set up a new account on BMD4 with all the sites. Then I submit all the pages plus ping all of...
  14. Surgeon

    How do we check doorway pages.

    Hi. Just wondering what is your way to check out on doorway pages. I mean, you google for a term, you get the results and you check that the 1st place has a PR 0, the second a PR 5, the third PR 3...Maybe the 1st place is using BH with cloak or doorway pages. How do we check this. Maybe we...
  15. gards67

    Outsourcing doorway pages

    I'm interested....does anyone outsource the production of doorway pages on a large scale, if so: how effective is it? and how much does it cost (ballpark figures)?
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