domain registration

  1. BossBaby

    Best Domain Registrar for Valuable Domains

    Hello Everyone, I am looking to purchase around 10 new domains and I already have a few domains registered with Cloudflare, For this domain which I have currently registered with Cloudflare I often get bids from buyers in my contact mail of upto 10k$ but they are for my personal use and I dont...
  2. J

    What domain registrars are, in your opinion, the least susceptible to abuse complaints?

    My domains registered with Namecheap get frequently suspended due to abuse complaints. Any complaint resistant alternatives?
  3. smw2

    Question: Looking for 'bulletproof' domain registrar

    Hello internet, i am doing my business in a very small niche, with very few but very angry competitors. In resault of that I got some trouble in the past with registrars and us-based companies like So now, i am looking for a good solution to avoid headicks. So does anyone know a...
  4. 4ry4n

    [Question] If I set my domain ownership to private, can Google still see it?

    Hello people, So when creating a PBN, I register domains from different vendors and use different hosting providers but I was wondering, if I register all of them under my name but set it to anonymous, can google still see the connection from the registration or will it be hidden? Thanks!
  5. harrywilliams

    Ultra Cheap Hosting Gone Wrong - IONOS

    As you may already know, IONOS offer a shared hosting plan with a free .COM domain for 6 bucks. Yes, that's super cheap. As many of the reviewers mentioned, the renewal fees and other extra fees are super high on IONOS. So, what I did is, canceling the auto-renewal of the site and add a...
  6. Emmerlee

    Please recommend a bulletproof domain registrar.

    Hi Everyone, I recently decided to give propush a try about 8 days ago by implementing their push subscription script on my website (revenue share only). However, a few days later (about 4 days after) my domain was suspended by the registrar (OwnRegistrar, Inc.) for Phishing/Malware. Domain was...
  7. Dinho80

    Parking Expired domain

    I noticed that you cannot use GoDaddy, name cheap and others like them to park successfully your expired domain especially when it's a one/two-word domain. They will register it and told you it's not available unless you want to buy it at a ridicule premium amount. Who has experienced this...
  8. davids355

    Guide to setting up your first website - step by step for extreme nobbies

    Who is this guide for? This guide is for anyone that is planning on setting up a website for the first time. This could be a website to promote your business, an amazon affiliate website or an adsense website; the same guide applies regardless. The aim of this guide is to help anyone that...
  9. Anand Prakash

    How to check if a domain has a Good or Bad history? Any help??

    Hey everyone, I just wanna check if is there's any way to backtrack a domain registration. If the domain has a good or a bad history. If the domain was ever been penalized by Google in past?? I've gone through with a few websites, i.e. or...
  10. Rajpot

    Domain Registeration for Clients

    Hi; Some guys are providing service of cheap Domains registration. Can any one guide about that If i register a Domain name on clients behalf at my account, How can I Provide this Domain to Client? Please Let me Know if You did not got my Point Thanks. RAJPOT
  11. Nyok Jr

    I bought a Domain for $1 on 1&1 but today they charged me $15..?!

    Yeah, That's exactly what happens! A few days ago someone asked for a suggestion on where to find .com domain for $1 and few suggestions came along with this 1&1So I decided to give it a try, check my domain and everything as advertised .. ($1 for the first year and after that $15) so I paid $1...
  12. Conlino

    Ethereum Domain Registrar

    Hey all, if you're looking for an anonymous domain registrar (must not be "looking" too hard if so), I just found - I have not used this service but I think there will be some of you who may find use from this. Seems simple enough, just send your money and tokens to "yourname.eth"...
  13. BibleNsword

    Fake credentials when withdrawing?

    If I use my fake name for domain registration do I do the same thing for affiliate networks who will be paying me?... Also I live in US and want to withdraw to my bank account if possible... I just want to make extra sure I can withdraw no problems. Short Version - is their a problem I will run...
  14. M

    Best Way to Get Auction Domain Out of GoDaddy with Privacy?

    When you win a domain at GoDaddy through auction, it is easy enough to add privacy. But, GoDaddy is a very expensive registrar at renewal. Also, if you try to transfer with privacy on GoDaddy blocks all requests. What is the best way to get around this? Is the only way creating a bunch of fake...
  15. B

    Domain Registration Sites That DON’T LOG YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION

    I’ve heard these exist. One of them was called but its not active anymore.
  16. N

    Buy domain at $ 3

    Need a person who can buy me domains daily at 150 Rs. via Godaddy by creating new ids and using new phone no and virtual credit card? Rs. 50 commission per domain. I buy around 100 domains per month.So, Rs. 5000 around you can earn earning 1-2 hours daily. Requirements- He must have a credit...
  17. Ruter999

    Facebook shout down my fanpage because of a domain

    Hi guys, I both in one of the third world countries first level domain. The thing is that the domain is same as a domain of one of the biggest domain in the country... but that domain is the second level. The thing is that they just didn't care and they didn't buy the domain when they had...
  18. venkatweetz

    Domain Extension & SEO Impacts

    I'm planning to register a domain extension for educational start up. But our brand name is not available with popular extension such as (.com, .org). And most of the startups are using .co & .io extension for their business. As per my understanding .CO stands for Colombia & .IO stands for...
  19. maryseowinston

    Authority Domain

    Hello my fellow blackhatters, I have found a domain with links from top authority websites and metrics are really good, backlinks from multiple authority websites and everything is clean. Looks like another startup that bites the dust. It still has few pages indexed, ahrefs shows DA= 40 RD=65...
  20. Nargil

    Registrar Leaks Credit Card Details

    There are good registrars, there are bad registrars and then there are two that cannot be worse. Whether it's service, their price or absolutely ridiculous support These two are and Network Solutions. What happened to me today however was beyond anything I have ever imagined. The...
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