1. GringoMonkey

    [JV] Your Dog Niche Traffic, My POD Monetization

    Maybe you have Dog Store or a Dog Niche Facebook or Instagram page. Perhaps you are good at driving targeted traffic. Whatever, if you can drive dog owners to my website I can monetize them for you. My POD provider can print and ship to pretty much any country. How does it work? 1-You drive...
  2. F

    Hi, nice to join you

    Hello so happy to find a safe place to communicate and engage about social media. I am mostly looking to buy accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) to increase my online presence, health and beauty niche. Also looking for an account for my dog to sell doggie Products in the United...
  3. M


    Hi there, Since this is such a niche topic I'm having difficulty finding brokers offering these kinds of sites. I need sites about dog racing, horse racing, or general sites with a category I can place an article about this in.
  4. Dominic Torreto

    Which Dog you like the most and why? And name of your Dog

    I am having German shepherd, -> TOBBY. TOBBY's age is just a 5 month puppy. Most of the time TOBBY will helpful for me. TOBBY takes my stress away, when I am depressed I'll play with it. TOBBY come along with in the morning when am going to jogging. If you wish you can share with me. And also...
  5. O

    Targeting for Dog Account

    I am currently running my dog's IG account on Jarvee. It is at about 5K followers. Growth has been fine, very organic engagement, just on follow/unfollow, but I would like to optimize it. Does anyone have any organic, legit dog-niche accounts (other dog, pet, dog accessories, meme pages, etc.)...
  6. M

    How to monetize cat and dog niche?

    I have 2 ig accounts both with 700+ followers. It's not enough to sell shoutouts. How can I monetize them?
  7. yordanov

    Wholesale luxury pet (dog) beds from European manifacturer!

    We are manifacturer of great quality luxury pet (dog) beds. The goods are perfect for your own store, Ebay, amazon, Walmart and other online or offline stores! We are based in Europe (Bulgaria) and make high quality and luxury beds for your pet - dog, cat, rabbits, guinea pigs and other. The...
  8. C

    Looking for people in pet (dog/cat/reptile/rabbit/small mammal) niche with lists or blogs

    Hey guys, I am working on a project at the moment with a free online pet education live event run by vets for pet owners on Saturday 17th January. I need real people with pets that will attend the event live online (using gotowebinar software) to learn more about their pets. This is free...
  9. prospect7

    Dog Goes Downstairs Like A Boss LOL!! (I Finally Captured It On Film)

    Some mornings after sleeping at the top of the steps my dog goes downstairs in the funniest way. Sometimes she does this all the way down to the bottom super fast. I finally caught it on film LOL Enjoy
  10. Vic Sage

    Why a Dog is a Man's Best Friend

    He loves you even when you are trying to get rid of him - He keeps your house clean - He goes with you to your office for "General" help - He goes on fishing with you - He goes on riding with you - He gets things done for you which you always wanted to do -
  11. bornformoney

    mobydello - Gave me a fake Negative itrader. Please Give me Justice.

    I know this isn't exactly a shit list material because I have never dealt with this person before. Lately I haven't been much active on the forum, but the other day I logged in and saw someone had given me a fake negative itrader. The person appears to be new on the forum. This is the second...
  12. I

    Man Helps Relieve Dog's Pain ! (Dog lovers must see this)

    I came across this recent news where a guy is holding his sleeping dog in a lake. I love dogs and this news made me very sad :( Here is the direct quote from "Schoep, a 19 year-old shepherd mix, is experiencing so much pain from arthritis that he can't sleep like a normal dog...
  13. SweTech

    WTB: custom-made dog leash + dog collar

    I am looking for someone who can produce custom-made dog leashes and dog collars. Send me a PM if you know anyone.