1. D

    The US Senate and Typography

    Being the senate of the most powerful country on earth and still not receiving any advice on the basic priciples of typography is something that I find sort of baffling. There was no-one that could have explained to the authors that you either use first-line indents or a space between...
  2. Ghost_Hunter

    Any good website which have sample templates for SEO documentation?

    Hey, I need a website which provides sample documentation for various SEO activities. I need samples to create the perfect and effective document/report for my SEO clients. Please help. Thanks
  3. Comic

    Autoblogged vs WP Robot - Advice needed

    I recently purchased Autoblogged and I'm currently regretting it. I bought the 50 site license and the problem is their support documents is some of the worst I have ever seen. When I search "Autoblogged Tutorial" the only thing that comes up is some contest they ran a while ago. After burning...
  4. KaisGuy

    ~ SEO Contracts, Proposals, NDA's, Invoices, and more available ~

    Hey fellow Black Hatters... My previous thread wasn't really all that "noticeable", so I thought it good to write an update. Do you offer a service, but don?t know what documentation to create, use and send to your clients and/or prospects? There is no doubt that you love what you do...
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