1. V

    Docstoc Unclickable?

    I just saw some articles on docstoc and the links are unclickable? Not just mine,but some others too and even if I click nothing opens? Anyone else having the same prob? Is this something like what Scribd and Squidoo did,but not deleting but made all the links dead?Is this the end of docstoc?
  2. M1ndfluX

    Did docstoc put the banhammer on me?

    Ok, just now i tried to upload a pdf doc on a new created profile at docstoc but somehow everytime when i try to upload it i get the message ' security error #2049 ' Now signing up goes wel, use a different ip trough a vpn when i create a different profile and clear my cookies. Anyone else had...
  3. C

    need youtube bot viewer and docstoc bot viewer

    hi guys, i need a working youtube viewer tool and docstoc viewer tool please help me, i've been frustrated ...
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