Docstoc Unclickable?


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Jan 25, 2010
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I just saw some articles on docstoc and the links are unclickable?
Not just mine,but some others too and even if I click nothing opens?
Anyone else having the same prob?
Is this something like what Scribd and Squidoo did,but not deleting but made all the links dead?Is this the end of docstoc?
damn thanks for telling me about this. Yes, time to look elsewhere.
OMg,yesterday I checked my documents there,and they were clickable,but now they are not,seems all authority sites do their best to kill marketers
Hmmm... F*CK!

Thanks for the heads up :guilty:


Mine are still working?

Maybe a matter of time...
I have checked the site,its not for a particular article,i have tried many other articles there and no link works,idk but can you tell which one of yours is working?if u can
Thats a real pain in the ass, the links still work if the document is downloaded though, but downloads are few and far between.

Never got many visits from the documents, but the link juice was useful. Urls wont work in the description under your document neither so thats a double whammy.
Well, as it stands, it appears this has not been changed, and has been the case since the 18th at least. Sick.

If someone figures out a solution to this, please let me know.

I did find document from various authors whose links did work. I was unable to determine any commonalities between them. However, it is clear:

Some people's links are working. We need to find out what mechanism docstoc is using to determine what qualifies as "spam."

Possibilities include: # of documents, age of account, profile completeness, email address used during sign-up, ip address range blocks, etc...

Anyone have any thoughts?
Here's the word directly from docstoc " At this point in time, docstoc has disabled links on the previews of documents. However, we are looking at enabling links on a case by case basis. To be considered, please provide your username and the documents for which you would like the links enabled."
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