dmr script

  1. T

    Awesome/Simple Way to Mask Referrer without Blanking It - Even in IE!

    I just figured this out....I'm sure I'm not the first person in the world, but it's the first I've seen of it after searching and searching. Tested and worked on Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7/8/8 compatibility view, but should work across all browsers. The problem with double meta refresh...
  2. sugarwillis

    Good iframer/dmr/geo Site Designer for CPA

    Im in need of someone who is experienced with iframing cpa offers and the use of DMR/spoofing refferers and also geo targeting cpa campaigns. I have several sites that need work on them but i have one that is of high priority.... Its a PSP download site/ old Clickbank review site that...
  3. hgear

    Cant find - DMR Script Creator

    I saw it a while ago. Someone made an app to help you creat DMRs but cant find it. Anyone can help me out?
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