dm bot

  1. kilovats

    Reddit MASS DM's in adult niche

    Does anyone here have worked with Reddit DM's in adult niche? Is Reddit even good for DM spam with babe content? I have a bot that can send large quantities of DM's on Reddit but I'm not sure if OF model promotion and/or CPA offers could be good for this method. Thanks for the responses and...
  2. S

    Looking for Mass DM Service - Discord, Twitter, Instagram

    Hi - looking for a mass DM service: Discord, Twitter, and Instagram are the target platforms. Looking for ~500k DMs per platforms. Ideal timing would be one week for the distributions. If it works out we'll come back for more. Please reach out. Thanks.
  3. A

    Mass DM Twitter Discord Instagram

    Hello, We are looking for a Mass DM compaigns on Twitter, Discord and Instagram. Around 1M+ DMs on each platforms spread over a complete week. With good results, we will renew for more weeks. We prefer one person that can do the 3 platforms. Trusted members please. PM opens Best Regards,
  4. A

    Telegram Mass Shilling/DM

    Hi, I’m interested in mass shilling bot or someone who provides the service for some cryptocurrency projects that I am launching. Please post or DM if you can provide this. Please also provide proof of work that you have completed. happy to pay for this service based on the quality!
  5. doubley0u

    Re-dm all open chats

    I’m looking for a dm bot that can send a message to open chats. Jarvee doesn’t do a good job at all on that and dmpilot didn’t get updated lately and seems to be not functioning either. Any other bots out there able to do this? Need up to 10k-20k+ previous chats messaged (at least 2-5k per day...
  6. M

    Creating accounts, auto-sending DMs, getting banned, rinse & repeat?

    Hello, I've got a list of a couple thousands IG accounts I want to send the same DM to, which redirects them to another page. It's not a CPA or something like that, rather a legit offer giving recipents real value. The thing is, I cannot send more than a couple of DMs per day without getting...
  7. A

    DM Blocks Instagram / Direct Message Blocks Instagram

    Hi, Since last week I have noticed that DM dont work in Jarvee. You only can send 1-2 messages every day without blocks. (@Stiletto ) Anyone have a solution for this? I have 7 licenses x 250 accs only for send messages. I have read that old bots are working for DM. Anyone know a solution? Thanks
  8. A

    Jarvee DM

    Hi, Before May updates I was able to create accounts and send messages the 2cond week of warm up. Now, it is more complicated. Anyone can explain how to DMing? Also I have accs that can send 30-40 messages/day to NON followers but the majority only can send 10. Before updates of May 2019 all...
  9. Roan Smith

    Instagram Mass Dm's for profitable advertisement

    Good day, I recently found a user on Instagram that has thousands of accounts and uses them to send out mass dm's to targeted users for advertisement in exchange for money. Has anyone tried this and found it profitable or would it work out cheaper to create the accounts yourself and run the...
  10. J

    I want IG dm bot. recommend please!

    I want to send DM to have more than 10,000 follower people DM must be able to include photos and letters. Are there any services available for these features?
  11. R

    Instagram DM autoreply

    Hi guys Does anyone of you know if a bot exists which can auto reply on certain commands? Basically like the Facebook messager. Cheers ReallifeChaot
  12. noxiop

    Is There an Instagram DM Auto Response Tool?

    I am getting a lot of messages and a tool like this would help hugely! If anyone knows of one, I would greatly appreciate it! It would have to be able to give a written response with a link. Thank you for your time.