1. M

    Looking for music distributor accepting short tracks

    Hi BHW folks, Is anyone familiar with a music distributor that's not too strict with short track? I used to work with amuse, but at some point they started rejecting 40-50 second tracks (even those are acceptable by spotify). Thanks
  2. B

    I need a music distributor, a good one with no issues....

    I've used distrokid before and had issues, i've used amuse and there seems to be no issues so far , but I just thought of asking if theres any recomendations, I'm looking for a one stop distributor? Anyone have any ideas?
  3. M

    Spotify Streaming Distrokid Payout Tax Forms & PayPal

    Hey guys, i need some help regarding the Payout process of Dk, Tipalti. Maybe someone can answer some of my questions. - Do you always need real persons behind the artists for the Payout? --> No? How can it be done? - Can you submit your own Tax ID etc for multiple different artists? - Does...
  4. N

    Looking for someone to write press releases and distribute/submit/get them on news sites?

    Can anyone do this? Only looking for verified sellers with experience.
  5. PRExpert0826

    Hello Guys!

    My clients call me Smart Guy. I'm here to collaborate and help others grow as I elevate. I'm interested in checking out everyone's services and building trusting relationships. I also have great services to offer as well. Feel free to send me a message to connect. Thanks
  6. gdgtzz

    Targeted Press Release Distribution & Writing

    Introduction Send your press release directly to up to 3000 journalists targeted to your niche. We handpick 3000+ journalists based on the category of your release and send it directly to them. Better than services that just send them to outlets and directories. Background Information Over...
  7. lawyal

    Free ebook promotion & distribution

    I created an ebook around a niche topic which will be available for free on one of my relevant niche sites. The ebook will be sent directly after an interested user leaves his mail/signs up for the newsletter, perhaps later also by direct download, well see. The ebook contains aff. links...
  8. rhino2020

    Looking for Golf product wholesalers/distributors

    Looking for golf products, apparel and accessories. Not interested in clubs or bags. Do not need a drop-shipping service but that would be a plus if offered.
  9. aafable

    Vitamin Supplements Dropshipper Wholesaler needed!

    Hey guys it's my first time here on this specific forum. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knows a dropshipper or distributer that are in the vitamin niche? I'm specifically interested in Omega 3 vitamins. USA preferred but not required. If you are a distributer/dropshipper, please reply to...
  10. G

    BHW Members Services to Distribute Press Releases in Spanish (or other langs)

    Hi Everyone, my first thread here so please be kind if I am violating any kind of rules that I should not. :) I am looking for a services that would distribute or syndicate press releases generated by myself in the spanish language. I know that many PR distributors out there like PRWeb and...
  11. V

    I'm looking for tobacco distributors globally..

    Anyone here a tobacco distributor, or someone who knows a tobacco distributor? Our electronic cigarette products are flying off the shelves at retail locations in the NYC area. We think our products would do really well in Japan, France, and a few other countries. We'd be doing great in a...
  12. AdisLCS

    >> Wholesale Clothing - Designer - Macy's - Distributor/Seller Wanted - BayArea!! <<

    Hi as some of you may know I am also have a wholesale business. I have direct connections to Macy's, Walmart, Sam's Club and can get pallets and truckloads of customer returns and brand new, unopened shelf pulls at very good price. Usually cents on a wholesale dollar. I pay less than they paid...
  13. Z

    Distributing an interview.. techniques?

    I have an interview that I need to distribute, I have already contacted a number of people requesting for the interview to be published on their website. Does anyone have any other ideas or "outside of the box" ideas that are good?
  14. AdisLCS

    Reliable Supplier and Products Wanted - Misc Items

    Hi guys I decided to go into physical goods. Nothing like feeling cash in your hands :-), seeing it in bank is not the same. Anyways, I am unsure of product yet and am open to suggestions. But here are some pointers. Obviously it should be in demand items. Mark Up: Preferably I am...
  15. O

    Video Distribution Tools/Services

    I am looking for a decent video distribution tool. So far I have tested - 1. VideoBot - most of the sites are dead 2. Magic Submitter - ok, and a great tool overall, but the video submission is a bit inconsistent and not enough sites for me. 3.SeNukeX - same as Magic Submitter 4.Traffic...
  16. S

    The Phantom Writers Article Distribution Service

    Hey there folks Is the Phantom Writers Article Distribution service a scam? I paid a good $35 last Friday and emailed them my article. But I've yet had no reply to confirm that my article has been received. I emailed support and I've had no reply as of yet. I tried to PM the owner, Bill...
  17. I

    FB app Distribution

    hi there i was wondering if anyone knew of FB apps that are looking for distribution. I have a few ways to get a few k's for each app. let me know what you got.
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