1. Bloodseeker

    Is there any web panel that allows one-click installation of Discourse?

    I am not a coder. I just know the basics of web hosting and ssh. I am thinking of buying a $20 DO Droplet for hosting multiple Discourse forums. Just like cPanel allows the installation of multiple WordPress instances on a single server, is there any server panel (free or paid) that allows the...
  2. Bloodseeker

    Flarum vs. Discourse vs. Xenforo: Which one would you choose and why?

    I want to start a community, but I've many concerns. Flarum and Discourse are free and basically the obvious choice. Discourse requires a VPS, so I have to spend an extra $10 there. I am willing to spend this amount, but I am a complete noob at Linux server management. I can use DigitalOcean's...