disabled facebook accounts

  1. Eholic

    Facebook business page/ads account being disabled and page restricted (Ecom dropshipping)

    Hello readers, I have issues with Facebook business page/ads accounts being disabled and page restricted. Some background information (which I think might be useful before I dive into the order of events). I created a new facebook page specifically for the niche my store is in, under the...
  2. Ksenos

    I give $100 to anyone reinstates my disabled Facebook account

    Hello, Help must be genuine and from within BHW. A solution that will make a difference. You must provide help that can prove it helped. Issue: On Feb 11th 2020 my personal/business Facebook account became disabled without any notice or reason explained. Since then I never received any...
  3. Deejay Misu

    How to recover my disabled facebook account?????

    Few days facebook disabled my facebook account due to copyright infringement. I gave a report about it but they didint give back my id. The account is 10 years old. I need to get back my account. Help me what I shoud do.
  4. M

    Do Proxy IPs from Disabled Facebook Accounts get recorded/become suspicious?

    I am using FaceDominator for bot campaigns with numerous Facebook accounts. I am wondering if when accounts get disabled, does the IP proxy get recorded and does it become suspicious and risky to use next time for setting up new accounts to do similar activities on that same proxy IP again? At...