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  1. Use Smart DIRECT LINK from Adsterra.png

    Use Smart DIRECT LINK from Adsterra.png

  2. AdsterraNetwork

    Adsterra Ad Network | Monetize Any Traffic with Social Bar, Direct Link, Popunder, Native Ads and 15К+ Advertisers | High CPM rates

    Adsterra is a global ad network with Partner Care Program | 248 GEOs | 50K+ Partners | 35BN Impressions Monthly. Since 2013, Adsterra has been helping advertisers grow their ROI and publishers to get maximum eCPM. Why choose us: Unique Partner Care Program: Live chat support and personal...


    Adsterra Advertising Network
  4. Norman_drey

    Methods to promote adstera direct link

    I've tried running Facebook ads using adstera direct link but it wasn't profitable, I lost money, is there any method I can get traffic to my adstera direct link?
  5. Outc@st

    Best Way To Test New Offers...

    Thanks for taking the time to read my thread... I found a Clickbank offer that I would like to promote with PPC. Now what is the best way to start... Should I direct link? Or should I create a simple review/informational page that links to the offer. I'm assuming I will get more conversions if...
  6. J

    Direct link from Jw video

    Hello, I need the direct video file link from this video: Do you know how I can find the direct link?
  7. R

    Direct link with Galaksion

    Hello BHW I just got accepted by Galaksion and i couldn't figure out how to implement my direct link tag URL into my website. can anyone help plz
  8. S

    SmartCPM and Propellerads

    Hi guys, I wanna advertise a direct link offer on Propellerads using SmartCPM without using any landing page or tracker. How is it possible to understand which zone id converts better so that I can increase the bid? Is it possible to optimize such type of campaign? Your help is appreciated:)
  9. Faceless Men

    TO direct link or NOT to direct link

    hello friends, I am GrumpyBoy and I want to ask some questions about CPA offers. I currently work with AdWorkMedia and I have selected some Sweepstakes paying from $1.75-2. I will be promoting those offers with paid traffic. I will mainly focus on cheap native ads traffic. But I want to test...
  10. C

    Will bing ban me for this?

    I've split tested a few landers on bing. I found out they all suck. I want to split test 2 offers on bing. Direct link. I will simply replace my lander links with my affiliate links inside my tracking solution. But is this a big no-no that will get my account immediately banned? I just...
  11. adidam

    Landing Pages for the Clickbank?

    I was doing Clickbank with Direct Linking (Free/Paid Traffic) but nowadays I don't see near to break even. So I think I should start using Landing Pages. But I don't know what kind of landers works good with the Paid Traffic for the Clickbank. Can anyone put some tips/advices? Thanks
  12. Shadexpwn

    Instagram URL Direct Link Loophole [FREE]

    This is how you use a TUMBLR page redirect to cloak a link and post it in your Instagram biography. If for any reason your domain or url shortener gets blacklisted you can easily streamline this process by: 1) Visit >> Edit Page 2) Once in the customize...
  13. download

    Good File Hosting Service?

    Does anyone know of a good file hosting service that allows backlinking? Preferably free and does not delete inactive files. I'm using FileDen but it's just terrible. Thanks!
  14. kharm

    2 adwords questions - direct linking & quality score

    Would anyone be able to answer this.. is it possible to direct link an affiliate offer in adwords -- and if so how. I iframed & DMR'd a domain and would like to send traffic straight there but don't know how. If that's not an option, what do you think is the best way to get a quality landing...
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