1. Bloodseeker

    Is there any web panel that allows one-click installation of Discourse?

    I am not a coder. I just know the basics of web hosting and ssh. I am thinking of buying a $20 DO Droplet for hosting multiple Discourse forums. Just like cPanel allows the installation of multiple WordPress instances on a single server, is there any server panel (free or paid) that allows the...
  2. Bloodseeker

    Any cheap RunCloud or Cloudways alternative?

    I want a server management tool like RunCloud and Cloudways that is even cheaper. Cloudways is the cheapest among the both but it offers less flexibility. Cloudways costs a minimum of $10 per month = $5 for server + $5 for the management layer $5 for the server is fine. I want software that...
  3. savobaby

    Need help installing XenForo on DigitalOcean droplet

    I can't figure this one out, does anybody know how to install XenForo onto a DO droplet? Cheers in advance if you do! I will pay you $35 for your time!
  4. R

    Emergency - Accidentally Delete Digital Ocean Drop late. Can I Recover It?

    Hello BHW members. I am using the digital ocean web hosting service. But recently by my mistake, I Accidentally Delete the drop late. Now my site is down and I have no backup. Can I recover my drop late or website full data. I try Google cache but all posts are not there. So any other quickest...
  5. M

    Who can help me create digital ocean accounts?

    Hi, I need several active digitalocean accounts for use as soon as possible. Let me know, if anyone can handle this and what the price will be. Thanks in advance
  6. E

    digital ocean accounts

    Hi, I'm looking for a provider who provides pre-activated digital ocean accounts, i always need them. I will pay 20$ for one account.
  7. E

    digitalocean accounts

    I'm looking for verified digitalocean accounts will pay 20$, for account with raised limits 40$!
  8. Hyper999

    How to get 10 private http proxy for free

    Hi guys. In this tutorial i will teach you how to make your own private proxy fast and easy using digitalocean. The difference from other methods described here is that you don’t need to configure each server manually. We will do a small preparation and then will create our proxy’s automatically...
  9. theseoraja


    Guys Anyone Know How to create proxy using digitalocean, Cannot find any latest guide to do it.
  10. Starblazer

    What is best configuration for wordpress site on DigitalOcean VPS?

    I know that many BHW users are using DigitalOcean and like it. I wanted to give it a try for a wordpress website. I'm currently using a shared hosting and planning to move to a VPS. There are many options for OS and other settings in digitalocean. I just want a configuration that gives best...
  11. dreadpixel

    Unlimited Digital0cean credit duplication

    I found this useful method which will allow you to convert $5 USD to $45 USD credit on each DigitalOcean account. The only thing is that you need multiple Paypal accts so I havent used but once. Let me know if this works for you...
  12. anandbernard

    One step wordpress installation in digitalocean

    1.How to install WordPress by simple methods in digitalocean hosting? 2.How to install more than one WordPress site in single droplet? 3.How to delete a Wordpress site in a droplet without affecting other sites on droplet? Open your terminal and connect to your digital ocean server by using...
  13. T

    60$ free on DigitalOcean (Only new users)

    Hi all, i am new in this forum and i hope learn a lot from you. I am not new in SEO, but i used to work only in spanish, now i have done the big step to English. After telling my life, i want to contribute to this forum sharing a method i have discovered, with it you can get a free virtual...