1. elvis1973

    Social Sharing Service

    I'm looking for a social sharing service that offers likes, tweets, stumbles, diggs etc. I've tried socialadr but you only seem to get one or two types and there is not enough variation. I've also tried socialsignifier but its way too expensive for the amount of links you can share. (3 urls...
  2. A

    Wanted: I need real Stumble upon followers and likes.

    Here is what I need ASAP. 70 real stumble upon followers, 25 stumble upon page likes from real accounts, and 25 diggs from real accounts. Or at least accounts that look real IE have profile pictures and names that look like real names. Not the obvious bot created accounts in other words. I can...
  3. Q

    I found this Digg/Stumble/Propel Better than Piqq

    I found this Digg/Stumble/Propel Better than Piqq http://www.iamoney.com/ They pay like 5-10 cents a digg/stumble/propel. You can boost up your traffic for your sites, as you can put your own links on there (digg link, stumble link, or propeller link (i never used propeller before)). It's...
  4. T

    You can get 50 or more diggs for your urls in 10 minutes absolutely free.

    INTRODUCTION: STEP 1: The site to join is http://www.socialup.net/ STEP 2: Install firefox and download imacros plugin. STEP 3: Download imacros scripts at http://www.socialup.net/socialup.iim STEP 4: Login to digg.com using your digg username and password. STEP 5: Login to...
  5. justone

    Secret Premium Bot for free now: 100% automated Digg Bot!

    At first this was planned as premium tool for large customers of one of my projects, well I thought about it and (for now) I release it for free. I finished this tool months ago! Until today I did not release it to more than a few peoople. It is so powerful that I feared people will spam Digg...
  6. shizaru

    Can You Digg this Please???

    Anyone Digg this? I'll Digg yours too. Just post here in the thread. Thanks! :) Thank You!
  7. A

    Digg Experiment with Piqq.us

    I'm going to give Piqqus.com a try to see if it actually helps get Diggs. I found a good video to use... http://digg.com/xbox/Kid_Plays_Guitar_Hero_with_Bike And I'm going to report the number of Diggs Piqq.us drags in on some pretty amazing content. It's worth a shot. http://piqqus.com/
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