Secret Premium Bot for free now: 100% automated Digg Bot!

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Oct 12, 2008
At first this was planned as premium tool for large customers of one of my projects, well I thought about it and (for now) I release it for free.
I finished this tool months ago! Until today I did not release it to more than a few peoople. It is so powerful that I feared people will spam Digg too much.

But after all it does not help to keep such a software hidden forever, I don't want to sell it at the moment ... so here it is for free !

Why did I choose Digg ?
Digg is favored by Google. If you want a site to be indexed just digg the URLs and sometimes it is indexed within minutes !
Also Digg is a nice place to get direct traffic, even if you do not hit the Frontpage (see my Warning below) you'll still see daily traffic from your Diggs as it's listed very high in Google and the users actually search within Digg too!



  • Automated Digg account registration
  • Automated mass voting on one or multiple URLs, including support for random voting and random delays
  • Automated URL submission based on a Dialog or a file with URLs (+topic,description,title)
  • IP management (remembers which IP was used for each account and uses it again)
  • Full anti-captcha support for automated captcha solving
  • Catchall domain support to make account registration easy (in case you have a catchall email domain)
  • Can automatically generate (strange) names

In a test I was able to create 800 Digg accounts within ONE hour full automated !
300 of them were banned due to another test (don't use fresh accounts to bring one of your URLs to the Frontpage! ) the others are still alive and work fine.

The bot was originally written as an "extra" for my proxy business, it fully supports the API and can rotate/take the IPs from it.
Support for other proxies is currently not included, that might be added in future.

Without proxies the use is limited, Digg instantly bans users who create multiple accounts using the same IP.
But even in that case it is still a useful tool as you can vote and submit URLs much easier and faster than you could do it through the original website.

Without proxies this is perfectly WhiteHat use proxies and it's black.

There are a few words of warning to be added:
  • Do not "over-spam" Digg, use this tool with reason if you don't want to see "Craigslist-reloaded". If I feel this is abused too much I will discontinue it.
  • Do not Digg new stories with a large number of fresh accounts! Yes you can hit the Frontpage but the FP seems to be moderated! I had a testrun and lost 300 accounts when the story was ready for the Frontpage. So be clever, let your accounts age, use the random feature to Digg and submit popular stories. It might take a while but if your accounts look "real" and have a valid "Digg-history" you can think about hitting the Frontpage
  • Anything larger than 50 Diggs in a short timeframe might be considered for the Frontpage. Avoid that with fresh accounts !
  • Keep in mind that the Frontpage can mean instant traffic. So much traffic that your webserver is overwhelmed, you really need a powerful hosting if that's your goal !
  • Read the Digg TOS before using the tool
  • Again: Do not over-spam Digg and do not post sexual stuff, no hate stuff, nothing that's not child-safe. All of that will draw attention.

* Account creation: 1 account per day per IP/proxy
* Submission: max 5 submits per account per day
* Voting: same as account creation. You can only use one IP for one account !
* You need an account at the proxy website. I enforce this to be able to stop the project in the case it's over-abused or requires an update. But the account is free and simple to create.
* This tool was developed on Windows XP, other Windows releases are untested. If anything is not working try turn on the "XP-compatibility-mode" for the exe and maybe inform me about it.

The download and more information here:

More help?
There is no manual (at the time I am writing this posting), I'm sorry.
Most of the tool explains by itself, there are a few help buttons you should click to understand some fundamentals.
If you have questions (after reading through the help content and experimenting) you can ask here if you like.

I offer this tool for free, because of that I am not offering and guarantees (except that it is virus and backdoor free) about it.
But in all my tests and the closed-beta tests it was very useful.

As far as I know this is the only bot that can submit hundreds of URLs to Digg by a single click. Actually this is the only working Digg bot I have seen yet ;)

Mods: If this post is against the rules just remove it please. I was talking to a mod in IRC who said it's fine. This is my first software-share here
Thanks for sharing this great tool with us, i don't hope this tool will be abused by suckers...thanks given.
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wow this looks amazing I vote this for jr vip so it doesnt get abused ;-)

as always, there will be at least 100 members on this forum who will abuse this.

thanks for the share though.
So, to use this tool we need to buy proxies from you.
One proxy per one digg account.
For 100 accounts we need 100 proxies from you and that will cost us $300

Is this "free" tool really free :flame:?
The bot is completely free, there are no restrictions built in or limits.
The only limit is by Digg itself, you can't expect me to provide proxies for free, eh ?

As I said it was planned as premium feature for customers, many here do have a license already and can use it for the bot.

Those without license can use it within the limits one IP has, it's still useful. (At least I never liked to log into Digg to post/vote something, it's too many clicks)

I will consider to add different proxy support but that's no priority as you can guess.


After all I see digg-professionals here take up to 50 cent per digg vote and more if the url reaches the frontpage, the bot enabels you to do a LOT more for the same money + offer the service to others to make it back.
How do I get the API? Is it free? Is it needed??

Create an account at the linked site, go to the API page, there you see your API-password and API-userid.
That are the two values you need to enter.

If you need multiple accounts you can add a proxy license and the API will automatically use them for multiple accounts.
For single account usage you don't need to do anything else.
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what does that mean?

If I don't add any proxy, but I have a dynamic IP, so that I can get a fresh, new IP in 10 sec., I still can only post/digg with 1 Account?
Ahhh, now I fully understand - the bot and useage of the bot is completely free, but to actually gain any benefit from it you're forced to use is company seo-proxies.

Still, brilliant, good job!
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