1. xEssence

    OGAds Help (They denied my application)

    Hello, I tried to apply to OG Ads last night buy they denied my application only two hours after submitting it. Can somebody tell me what I did wrong? I said that traffic sources were Youtube Shorts, Tiktok, Paid Instagram Shoutouts, Discord Servers, Telegram Groups and Reddit Traffic. Thanks...
  2. M.A.G.I.C.

    Any suggestion for other CPA/CPD company besides OGADS?

    I don't wanna say that but please just look at my story. First of all, i am a newbie. I watched a lot of post from this forum to learn IM. Then i saw some great methods and want to try out. (Thank you all of you, i love this forum) Actually i got denied by OGADs from my first application, and...
  3. Royalwithcheese

    Got denied from OGads

    I just signed up to OGads but I got denied :( Should I retry several times ?
  4. jimmy112

    Fiverr Denied my gig as third party complaint

    my gig was ranking there are others selling same service but they are not taken down this was in social signals category This message i got from them This Gig was removed following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or...
  5. M

    Amazon Affiliate Application Denied - What now?

    Hello all - I applied to the Amazon affiliate program a few weeks ago, and finally yesterday someone went through and made a sale through one of my affiliate links on my authority site/blog. The thing is, I received this exact email the same day saying my application has been denied, for...
  6. LaLeche

    Getting Adsense On All Picture Tumblr

    Hey guys I applied for Adsense and they said I need more text on my tumblr (pretty popular). I have only posted pics and have a custom domain associated with the tumblr. Thanks
  7. D

    Cha Cha denied

    Hey guys, Just wondering how hard is it to get accepted into CHA CHA? I was refused even though I have 3 twitter accounts with over 80k real followers and growing rapidly. Kind of pissed off with being denied :( Cheers
  8. Asgardian

    Why, when I'm creating accounts on yt with proxy, says access denied?

    I would really appreciate if someone could tell me why is this happening? It started about a month ago, and sometimes I manage to create but in past few days very hard to create. "Error, The requested URL could not be retrieved" and under that says access denied. Thanks! :)
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