1. Hafiz Bilal

    Bookmarking Demon

    Hello! I need the software that is "bookmarking demon" if anyone have of this software or knows about the website where i can download Free so, please give me. I am looking towards your response. Thanks
  2. S

    Bookmarking Demon Licenses

    Hello Hatters, I am selling my bookmarking demon licenses priced at $90 each. Price is negotiable if all licenses will be bought. I have 10 licenses on hand. We are going to provide the Clickbank ID, license and all the other things that needs to be shown to show that you will be the legit...
  3. M

    I need Bookmarking demon expert

    Hello !. I need someone Who will teach me how to use bookmarking demon+ You will give me the bookmaking demon. i must be able to make 1000 bookmark . I also have list of bookmarking site (if required). thank you and my s ky pp pe ->
  4. N

    Choosing Category in Bookmarking Demon

    How do you select the default category? Do you have to manually visit each site first? I have around 2000 Pligg sites in the database. Even if I only go after those with page rank, it's a lot of sites to go through by hand. Isn't there at least some semi-automated way? Am I missing something?
  5. WebmasterDeluxe

    Bookmarking Demon Question

    How in the WORLD do you add bulk categories for those sites that require them!? There used to be a right click option, but that seems to have gone away>???
  6. mattblack

    social submitter 1.4.1

    Should i buy social submitter 1.4.1 ? I have Bookmarking Demon Whats best tool to use for example 100+ url's to submit
  7. N

    50% off usenet daemon membership

    For anyone who is unaware, usenet is pretty much a huge community of people who share information. There are thousands of different discussion groups, etc, which is a great source ofnformation -- but the best part is the ability to share files -- any kind. Itls been an invaluable source for...
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